Petitioning Director of Idaho Health & Welfare Richard Armstrong (Director of Idaho Health & Welfare) and 12 others

Return the Osborne Kids & Protect Idaho Families!

Regardless of Idaho laws surrounding Marijuana, a parent's responsibility is for the care, control, and the well being of their children. Idaho laws should reflect science and logic and not impede upon a parent's rights to choose what is best for their children.

The Osborne case shows the failure of prohibition in Idaho and the need for reform of the archaic laws and CPS policies that prevent families from choosing a safer medical alternative for their families.

Return the Osborne children to their mother, and change Idaho Marijuana laws/policy!

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Director of Idaho Health & Welfare
    Richard Armstrong (Director of Idaho Health & Welfare)
  • Idaho Governor
  • Idaho State House
  • Idaho State Senate
  • Representative
    Raul Labrador
  • State Senator
    Michelle Stennett
  • Senator
    Mike Crapo
  • Dept. Health & Welfare Family & Community Services
    Gary Moore
  • Case Worker- Department of Health & Welfare
    Monte Henderson
  • Eastern Regional Director - Department of Health & Welfare
    John Hathaway
  • Audits & Investigations - Department of Health & Welfare
    Steve Bellomy
  • Deputy Director - Department of Health & Welfare
    Russ Barron
  • Complaints - Department of Health & Welfare
    Margo Miller

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