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12 Oct 2018 filing for 107年度偵字第10307

Rene Helmerichs

Oct 12, 2018 — 


Thank you, fellow signees, for your ongoing support to correct our global justice system!


TO The Honorable Taiwan Court, please find the QR code links to this 12 Oct 2018 submission for 107年度偵字第10307號案件 in Tainan City, Taiwan, as a printable (.doc) @


The next submission is expected Monday 15 Oct 2018 for Sesame Street Kidsland fraud file 107年度他字第2966號案件.  Find a current draft at


Please allow a few hours for me to update the file with confirmation of court submission.


Rene Helmerichs

12 Oct 2018




III. National security of Taiwan

0. Introduction to the court, 12 Oct 2018;

I. Recent Developments

II. Taiwan tie to Canada

IV. Re: malicious intent;

V. Re: false testimony;

VI. Re: ruining reputation of 江佩樺小姐;

VII. A necessary Constitutional argument to correct Republic Of China (Taiwan) Tuition And Education Act Article 9(4).



III. National Security of Taiwan


Dear Honourable Court, district prosecutors for the Tainan City district courthouse,


I humbly implore you to think about this carefully.


All of my statements are true, and all statements are directly for public benefit.  While there is confusion, I must continue to explain.


I began this argument 6 years ago.  I believe the maximum penalty for allegation from 江佩樺小姐 against me is 6 months.  Can you reasonably expect that I will stop arguing if I spend another 6 months in jail? 


Please remember that I already served 3 years for a crime that I did not commit in Canada.


I seek to obliterate doubt from your mind.  Here is what will happen if I am convicted of stating only true facts:

The International Law Commission has established The Nuremberg Principles.  The Nuremberg Principles specifically ensure that every individual government official can be held accountable for promoting injustice.


I am sincerely trying to protect the reputation of 江佩樺小姐.  The statements in question that ruin the reputation of 江佩樺小姐 were all true.  They were a warning. 


Right now, multiple officials of the Tainan City Government (臺南市政府警察局第一分局 and 臺南市政府勞工局) are directly involved. 


I have filed criminal proceedings against 林昱廷先生 (Simon).  林昱廷先生 (Simon) permitted 江佩樺小姐 to lie at mediation on 4 May 2018.  Then I learned that 林昱廷先生 allowed 江佩樺小姐 to illegally represent 林義德先生 (Mr. Yide Lin).  I returned to 林昱廷先生 (Simon) with a final plea for his help.  林昱廷先生 waved his hand and said, "They will not allow it."  I asked, "Who is they, Simon?"  林昱廷先生 told me to go court.  林昱廷先生 refused to begin new mediation with 林義德先生 (Mr. Yide Lin). 


If the Taiwan district court does not understand the implication of this, I am certain that The International Law Commission will.


吳宗諭先生 (Mr. Zongxi Wu) is a detective at 臺南市政府警察局第一分局.  I first met him on 7 May 2018.  吳宗諭先生 accused me of ruining the reputation of 江佩樺小姐. 


I told 吳宗諭先生 that I want to talk to a lawyer.  吳宗諭先生 told me that he will give me 4 hours.  Then I told 吳宗諭先生 that I do not have money for a lawyer.  I asked if there is a way to see a lawyer without money.  吳宗諭先生 did not inform me of The Legal Aid Foundation.


吳宗諭先生 insisted to take my statements out of context.  吳宗諭先生 told me he will help me begin criminal proceedings against 江佩樺小姐.  When I insisted, his assistant laughed at me.  The assistant was  foreign affairs police woman named "Sophie Lin".  The conversation is recorded at the police station.  I have a separate copy.  I have already posted a complaints directly against 吳宗諭先生 in May 2018 updates for the petition at


Find a copy of 17 errors I believe 吳宗諭先生 (Mr. Zongxi Wu) made on 7 May 2018 in an email to The Taiwan Association For Human Rights, copied into a printable (.pdf) at


It does not matter what The Tainan District Prosecutor's office thinks.  吳宗諭先生 demonstrated that The Tainan Government thinks that I am guilty.  For my own protection, I advertise this case to China.


The Taipei Times reported that China still intends to conquer Taiwan.  A Chinese Ministry Of Defence report dated 31 Aug 2018 was quoted. 


I also have two cases against The Legal Aid Foundation as a directly result of 江佩樺小姐 and 芝麻街凱仕蘭.


There are also two cases against 康寧大學, with more to follow. 


I have also begun a solid case against 三立電視 as a result of 江佩樺小姐.


I have grounds for two cases against 文藻外語大學 for theft to me.  I paid 文藻外語大學 to translate the statements that 江佩樺小姐 claims ruin her reputation. 


These cases are in addition to the 5-or-so current cases against 林義德先生, 江佩樺小姐 and 芝麻街凱仕蘭.  This is just a beginning unless we work together to correct the cause of this argument at the point of its origin.


Unfortunately, the Tainan City Government is demonstrating a silent partnership with 林義德先生.  That is also a threat to national security.  Specifically, 林義德先生 was permitted to commit theft against me, and the court dismissed the case without beginning proceedings?  In English we would say, "I smell a rat."


China can directly use The Nuremberg Principles against the government of Taiwan in International Court.  It is much easier for China to "conquer" Taiwan in court than with military assault. 


I care about justice.  I like living in Taiwan.  My son was born here.  The Canadian government has stolen my son.  I hope that Taiwan will choose to help me regain my son.  If I am put in jail in Taiwan, my new best friend will become mainland China.


Dear Honourable Court, I humbly implore you to think about this carefully.  It is not beneficial for you to keep me as a defendant in this case.  We both understand that this is a minor charge.


A wise prosecutor will phone 林義德先生 at 06-274-5257 or 06-511-8086 (or 江佩樺小姐 at 0937022466 and ask for the phone number of 義德).  The prosecutor can say, "We do not appreciate so many cases in court against you.  In fact, you are now directly the cause of a threat to national security because your cases directly demonstrate that good government officials have broken the law to support you.  Taiwan is in direct violation of The Nuremberg Principles of The International Law Commission because of you.  We do not appreciate this.  We prefer not to allow 是瑞內先生 in court, but we have no legal authority to deny him his right of self-defence.  If you do not settle your argument with 是瑞內老師 immediately, we have no choice but to respect every case that 瑞內 has began, and every other case that 瑞內 can begin.  This is not a threat.  This is a polite warning to you.  This is a very serious matter."


A kind prosecutor will also add, "是瑞內老師 continually assures 江佩樺小姐 that he will rehire her if 林義德先生 dismisses 佩樺.  The only condition is that 義德 honours all agreements that 佩樺 previously offered 瑞內.  瑞內 continually demonstrates forgiveness.  瑞內 is continually willing to mediate outside of court.  You cannot possibly expect us to believe that 瑞內 intends malice to you."




12 Oct 2018


Dear Honourable Court,


Honourable Court and kind prosecutors, if you are only going to read one part then please begin with section "III. National Security."  Everything else is superficial to the national security of Taiwan as a democratic nation politically free from communist China.


My name at birth was Rene Helmerichs.  I was born in Bremen, Germany on the 2nd of March, 1977.  My legal Chinese name is "Be Rene", 中華民國:是瑞內.  I have several pen-names: Lucifer Christ, 荷光者, Jon Peniel (II), and Krishna 是.  Together, my internet identities serve to unite religions.


I did not choose names to mock you.  I am 瑞內.  I am not what people think, and I am not my body.  I chose 是 as my family because it represents a state and an action of being.  是瑞內 intentionally reminds us to think like me (人是瑞內): I am not God; now please define "not" because you are not God too, just like everyone else.


I only believe in compassionate cooperation.  I devote my entire life to the benevolent intention of always being willing to work together with anyone.  That is the only way anyone can begin to understand the idea behind the word "God".  We are all "God" together when we support life.


In summary, I needed advertisement.  I asked for help.  江佩樺小姐 (Clare Chiang) agreed.  Now we discover that she only agreed for her own self-serving interests.  She's trying to use the law against me, and, in section "III. National Security" I have explained to the public how I am able to fold the legal structure governing Taiwan in half.  To continue the analogy, I'll fold it, put it into a neat envelope, and send it in a single email to mainland China with my appreciation for its desire to conquer Taiwan.


Maybe definitely begin with section 3.  Find it at the start, for your convenience.




I. Recent Developments




I lost my lawyer.  I have filed a complaint with the court.  The complaint are criminal proceedings to The Legal Aid Foundation.  The lawyer did not believe what happens in Canada.  She was offended.  She then claimed that I did not cooperate with her.  That is not true, therefore, criminal proceedings are begun.  This demonstrates that I am not delaying this case!


This honourable court is now burdened multiple additional cases as a directly result of my dispute with 江佩樺小姐.  The initial agreement between 江佩樺小姐 and myself was for mutual support.  江佩樺小姐 now makes several false accusations


江佩樺小姐 and I began a written agreement for mutual support on 26 May 2017.


Shortly after I began working for 江佩樺小姐 at 701台南市東區長榮路二段32巷6號, managers under the supervision of 江佩樺小姐 began threatening me. 


On 26 Dec 2017, I began a petition against Canada.  The petition reveals that I was wrongfully imprisoned in Canada.  江佩樺小姐 knew my past before she hired me.  In fact, she specifically attempted to disrepute my credibility to save her own.


On 28 Dec 2017, school managers 徐乙彤小姐 (Denise) and 黃姿瑜小姐 (Stacy) demanded a meeting.  We met for 1.5 hours.  徐乙彤小姐 directly told me that if parents of students discover my past, the school will terminate its contract.


On 19 Jan 2018, 徐乙彤小姐 asked me for help to teach at a different branch on 20 Jan 2018.  I used the opportunity to introduce my story to all school managers.


On 21 Jan 2018, 江佩樺小姐 phone my wife 蕭帆琇小姐.  江佩樺小姐 accused me of mental illness.  There was no medical examination.  江佩樺小姐 said one student's parent is a doctor.  The doctor accused me of mental illness without a medical exam.


In the morning of 22 Jan 2018, 黃姿瑜小姐 sent me a LINE message to not come to work.  At 13h30 on 22 Jan 2018, 徐乙彤小姐 emailed me.  徐乙彤小姐 wrote that I am no longer a teacher for 江佩樺小姐.


I did not know that Taiwan has mediation centers.  I attempted to reason with the school.  I wrote a sample book.  I paid to have the book translated into Chinese.  I began advertising the sample to demonstrate to 江佩樺小姐 that I am not ruining her reputation.  I remind everyone that I am in dire need of positive media attention.


My desire for media attention is insatiable.  In Canada, I told doctors that I want to be "King Of Canada".  Doctors refused to understand that it is really possible.  They called me delusional.  Then they used a larger argument with The Mormon Community Of Christ as legal grounds to keep me in jail.  I was imprisoned in Canada for allegations of a criminal offence without receiving a criminal trial.


This honourable court can find an explanation for how I intend to become "King Of Canada" at .


I began criminal proceedings against managers 徐乙彤小姐 (Denise) and 黃姿瑜小姐 (Stacy) for threats on 28 June 2018. 


I wish 江佩樺小姐 did not break her agreement.  I hope this court can understand that I still wish to mediate with 江佩樺小姐 and 林義德先生 (Mr. Yide Lin).  However, we are now in court and 江佩樺小姐 makes the following accusations:


I am being accused of:

i)                    national security;

ii)                  malicious intent;

iii)                false testimony;

iv)                ruining the reputation of 江佩樺小姐; and

v)                  contravening Republic Of China (Taiwan) Tuition And Education Act Article 9(4).


First I will provide a short background about Canada.  The purpose is to help this honourable court understand the scope of this case.  On the surface, this case looks small.  However, it is like the seed of a very large vine.  After the short background, I will address malicious intent.  Then I will address the accusations of false testimony, and the reputation of 江佩樺小姐.  Lastly, I explain a necessary correction to Taiwan law.


In the end, I will petition this court to remove the operating licences of all 13 branches of the school that 江佩樺小姐 supervises and 林義德先生 owns.  The branches are in Kaohsiung and Tainan City.  I have other cases against 江佩樺小姐 in Kaohsiung for this very same argument.



II. Taiwan and Canada legal cross-road


This case is a direct extension from a case that began in Canada in 2012.  The first case resulted when a small group of Mormons spread a false rumour about me.  We are arguing about the idea behind the word "God".


I began a story in Canada in 2012.  I obtained a book publishing contract in June 2012.  It is a very large story.  The intention is benevolent; it helps all people.  The purpose is to raise the money to build an international school.  The school will certify teachers of the book "A Course In Miracles."


A group of Mormons and I were arguing about God.  The argument is at the foundation of every court case that I now submit in Taiwan.


I spent three years in jail in Canada specifically to argue with lawyers about psychiatrists.  I have all the documents on the internet in my petition against Canada to verify all of this at .


I am only arguing for my right to defend myself against psychiatrists.  Psychiatrists are permitted to accuse people of mental disability but they never provide a definition for the word "mind".  Psychiatrists do not actually understand our mind.  And, they suffer from memory loss just like everyone else.  The argument is still about God, because churches teach that God made us.  If God exists, then our minds are eternal.  If our minds are eternal, then psychiatrists must respect basic human rights.


I was accused of committing a crime in Canada, but I did not receive a trial. 


Instead, psychiatrists forcibly injected me.  Psychiatrists wanted me to admit guilt without a trial. 


This really happened, and it is still happening now to countless people.  In fact, the Ontario Canada government plans to give psychiatrists another 1,400,000,000 Canadian dollars (about 350 0000 0000 NT$) over the next 4 years.  Ontario is only one province in Canada.  Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories. 


Doctors are allowed to declare anyone criminally guilty without giving them criminal trial.  They only need to say, "This person is of harm to himself or others."  Then the doctor can imprison the individual indefinitely. 


The doctor is able to remove the rights of the individual.  There is no ability for peaceful protest if a doctor does not allow the individual to speak.  There are safe-guards, of course.  However, I stood in court and questioned a doctor on 3 July 2015. 


I asked doctor James Karagianis on 3 July 2015, "Why will you not allow me to record my statements if you will use them against me?  How can I show people that what you say about me is not true?" 


I watched the judge dismiss the idea.  I have a transcript of that date, file C-14-6966 at Barrie, copied into the appendix of a book, The Choice, at .  The court can verify my paraphrased quotation is materially accurate (it is accurate for meaning).


The more I argued with doctors in the hospital in 2012, the more the doctors became upset.  Doctors, like lawyers, do not appreciate a college teacher asking basic human rights questions.


At Royal Victoria Hospital in 2012, doctor Anjana Chawla repeatedly told me "You are delusional."  I asked specific questions and she never explained.  She used new terms, and referenced ideas that had no logical foundation.  So I began writing about what I saw happening in the hospital.  If I am delusional, my would be disregarded.


Do you know what happened next? 


The doctor released me.  Three weeks later, all forced injections were stopped. 


The first two doctors, Liaqat Ali and Anjana Chawla, kept me in jail for a total of 2 months for criminal allegations that I did not commit. 


In fact, the police helped the Mormons.  The police suggested that I was also making bombs.  I did not learn about that until a year later.  It made me laugh when I read it because it sounded so ridiculous to me.  However, The Mormons did do an excellent job spreading a false rumour about me.  And, "Why would Mormons lie?"  I answer that question at .


I was first arrested on 3 Sept 2012.  Police drove me to Royal Victoria Regional Healthcare Center (RVH hospital in Barrie). 


On 22 Oct 2012, the second psychiatrists (Anjana Chawla) took away my rights to refuse mediation.  After that, she had me forcibly injected with a substance that caused me significant spinal pain. 


I was released on 30 Oct 2012, however, the injections had to continue.  The doctor told me that she will phone the police if I do not appear.  The doctor explained that the police can, and will, force me to cooperate.  Both police and hospital staff are now legally permitted to hit mental patients if they do not cooperate.


This is the culture I come from in Canada.  It is the culture that no one in Taiwan will believe.  That is why we are in court.  Taiwan is so very different.  And I was respected college teacher when this started.


I have evidence to show psychiatrist Anjana Chawla bribed me.  She bribed me to stop writing about her.  In exchange, she agreed to stop forcibly injecting me.


When I was released on 30 Oct 2012, I retained a lawyer to help stop the injections.  When the injections stopped, I asked the lawyer if the lawyer stopped the injections.  The lawyer said, "No.  That was all you.  Good job."


I have complained to The College Of Physicans And Surgeons Of Ontario.  The College responded, "If the doctor said it, she was only joking". 


Facts speak for themselves.  When someone is repeatedly injected for allegations of a criminal offence, without receiving a criminal trial, and those injections only cause spinal pain, it is not a joke to the patient.


On 30 Oct 2012, psychiatrist Anjana Chawla signed a community treatment order against me.  She believed that I would need injections for at least one year. 


Three weeks later, on 22 Nov 2012, I received my last injection from her. 


Ms. Chawla raised the dosage of the last injection (and several other injections in between).  She did not believe that I was cured.  In fact, Ms. Chawla hated me.  She bribed me to stop writing about her.  In exchange, she would stop the injections. 


Ms. Chawla believed the injections would change my thinking.  She believed that my thinking was wrong.  She believed the Mormons were correct.  She considered me delusional.


徐乙彤小姐 (Ms. Denise Xu) emailed me on 30 May 2018 with the exact same assertion.  江佩樺小姐 (Ms. Clare Chiang) believed I am delusional.  林義德先生 (Mr. Yide Lin) permitted a submission to a related civil court matter on 17 Sept 2018 to evidence that 江佩樺小姐 still believes I am delusional.


The more I protested against Ms. Chawla in 2012, the more she believed she was correct.  Doctor Anjana Chawla refused to accept that she could be mistaken.


My wife Lindsay (蕭帆琇小姐) was visiting me in Canada in 2012.  I passed letters to my wife.  Lindsay typed the letters, posted them to a blog, and emailed the hospital board of directors.  The effect was immediate.  Nurses ran into my room and demanded to know how I emailed the board of directors.


If I am delusional, the board of directors would have laughed.  Instead, the board of directors recognized that a serious crime occurred. 


This part is sad.  I want to add this for memory.  Police dropped off another patient, Stephanie Teresa Holts (born 23 July 1990, died Nov 2012).  Stephanie was in a car with her boyfriend, who was arrested for drugs.  I'm not sure what Stephanie did wrong.  Actually, I think the police were just trying to be nice.  Stephanie shared stories about police following her home from the strip club, and pulling her over just to flirt.


The police did not search Stephanie. 


Stephanie arrived at RVH still carrying drug equipment (a lighter, needle, and pipe).  She was scared of the doctors.  I told her that I can help. 


Steph gave me the equipment.  I gave it to my wife.  My wife took pictures, posted them to my blog.  We can understand why nurses ran into my room.


If I was delusional, there were sure a lot of people sharing my delusion with me.  After that, nurses accused me of also being a drug addict.


Before I was forcibly injected, one male nurse Nathan told me "You have to take this medicine.  Your Mom wants you to listen to the doctor.  The doctors says you need it to get better.  Your Mom wouldn't lie to you, would she?" 


Nathan wasn't looking into my eyes.  He was staring down.  I actually waved my hand in front of his face and said, "Hello?  Nathan?  Anyone home?" 


My mother is a completely loving individual.  However, my mother was also raised in a culture that programs people to believe doctors without questioning doctors.  My mother cleaned schools her entire life.  She is the hardest worker that I have ever met. 


My mother does not question doctors.  She is the perfect government servant.  I am not my mother.  I am a teacher.  And by God, I will lead every government in the world to understand that psychiatrists in Canada are corrupt.


I began this argument to understand what God is.  The argument is still about God.  We are now in Taiwan, and the argument continues until the Canadian government provides the funds for me to build a proper medical school in Canada.


One famous writer is already investigating this case.  I have been in the news three times for this same argument.


I cannot expect anyone to believe that this truly happened.  The court can investigate it.  All of the material is on the internet in the petition at .  It is also linked at , ,,,, and about 50 more addresses not to mention in hundreds of social media posts.




IV. Re: malice


Ref 7 Oct 2018 petition update "A Prayer For Worldwide Peace" at

Also the 10 Oct 2018 update "MiracleU Coalition" at

And specifically the 7 Sept 2018 update "The Forgiving Piper: Act II" with a picture of 江佩樺小姐 (Clare Chiang) holding a sign at



I have no malicious intent.  I simply have none, all of the time.  This is actually a problem for this honourable court.  Because I have no malicious intent, I must be always trying to help everyone.  Therefore, I am actually trying to help both this honourable court, and every person involved including the opposing party (江佩樺小姐).


I can only demonstrate my intention with action. 


I filed a full history of the events that occurred between myself and江佩樺小姐 for 林義德先生 and Sesame Street on 30 Sept 2018.  The document was filed for the related civil court matter by my lawyer Scott Lin.


A QR code the historical document:


CC address for QR code, ref




V. Re: false testimony


Every statement from me is true.  All statements are directly for public benefit.  I retain copyright authority of my statements, and this includes my legal authority to add to any statement with an unlimited number of other statements for the purpose of demonstrating truth.  There is not need to retract any statement.  Every statement I make works for this honest adventure that I began in 2012.




VI. Re: reputation of 江佩樺小姐


"Passive voice" is a tense in English grammar.  I am not ruining the reputation of 江佩樺小姐.  But we agree that "the reputation of 江佩樺小姐 is being ruined".  The question is, "Who is ruining the reputation of 江佩樺小姐?"


I attempted to warn 江佩樺小姐 that her reputation was at risk. 


If the owner, 林義德先生, restores his agreement with me then there is no need for the reputation of his school to be ruined.  I only used the name of 江佩樺小姐 because I did not know the Chinese name of the owner.  Now I do.


江佩樺小姐 began criminal proceedings against me.  江佩樺小姐, therefore, thinks that she is more correct than I am.  This requires me to demonstrate to the court that I am more correct. 


Eventually a prosecutor will understand that every case that I file in Taiwan is a direct result of the actions of 林義德先生 and 江佩樺小姐 against me.  When this honourable court truly understands, it will conclude:

a)      江佩樺小姐 ruins her own reputation while she argues with me about honesty;

b)      Any argument about honesty is directly an argument about God; and,

c)      江佩樺小姐 is directly destroying the reputation of 林義德先生.



江佩樺小姐 must agree that she terminated my contract illegally because she is not willing to help me correct the law to allow me to work legally in Taiwan.  I have prepared a solid constitutional argument against The Tuition And Education Act Article 9(4). 




VII. A necessary Constitutional argument to correct Republic Of China (Taiwan) Tuition And Education Act Article 9(4)


The point of the argument is case law.  Taiwan does not permit case law to be used in its court. 


Article 9(4) directly violates the foundation of the Taiwan legal structure because it requires case law to be used.  It violates the constitution because the action of permitting past cases to denote a present concept of wrongdoing (unsuitable for employment, etc.), case law, in my particular case, is not true. 


Therefore, Article 9(4) permits case law to allow prejudice in court of law in Taiwan.  It's a little bit like adding a single dirty bacteria cell into the human body and watching the whole blood system slowly become poisoned. 


The Taiwan government poisons its own legal structure with Article 9(4) if it does not change the wording. 


A simple sentence corrects the error. 


The government should add something to the effect of " teacher with a criminal record is legally allowed to work in Taiwan as a teacher UNLESS that teacher is making active and public attempts to demonstrate that the criminal record is without legal foundation." 


Since I demonstrate that Canada convicted me illegally, I am then able to work in Taiwan. 


The result allows me to continue life normally, without further unnecessary cases resulting from Article 9(4) while the Canadian government has time to consider its options for correction. 


This court must understand that I understood this at the beginning.  The intention from the start was for me to raise money to build a university in Canada.  That is still my intention.  I just need advertisement to make it happen.  (Thank you 江佩樺小姐 for helping.)


If 江佩樺小姐 continues to change her story, this honourable court must understand that she is seriously mentally ill.  Only an insane individual is willing to go to court to argue a case that they should not legally be permitted to win, except to help China conquer Taiwan in International Court using The Nuremberg Principles.  (Thank you 江佩樺小姐, on behalf of "One China")




Rene Helmerichs

12 Oct 2018


Vote Rene Helmerichs for "King Of Canada" in any upcoming Canadian federal election.  It is your right not to vote for anyone while Canada refuses to allow Rene's name on the ballot.  Details at , CC and

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