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Rene Helmerichs

Oct 10, 2018 — 

You are a miracle.  Together we work miracles.  Join the Miracle March this 31 March 2019.


I am directly asking every church member worldwide for help to sign and share this unique message of global accord.  I am happy to amend its contents as any teacher of God requires for the loving support necessary to unconfused local legal concepts for "freedom of religion".  Terror and peace do not co-exist.  In the name of our loving saviour Christ, I ask this of you.  Please reference Matthew 5:41.


Printable (.pdf) at



I. MiracleU presents The Holy Grail Solution

II. To The Church, and all its officials

III. The necessary religious statement is this

IV. Here is a revelation:

V. In The End

6. One for Hitler

7. In Closing

8. A tangled ending to Entanglement Theory


I. MiracleU presents The Holy Grail Solution


I support Miracle March.  I am willing to invite the person I loath most out to walk with me on 31 March 2019.  We can stand and talk about walking, or we can walk and talk about our differences.  The aim of our conversation is to better understand each other as same people on the same planet each with our own worries and difficulties.  Together we gain understanding perspective.  We can help solve each other's problems!  And, the more that walk with us, the easier inspiration is able to provide a feasible solution for any imagined difficulty we could possibly have!  Many hands make light work.  We need only to begin to sincerely ask for help of each other with our difficulties.  This includes asking questions before judging or jumping to misguided conclusions.



All of the rest of this document is really merely a jumble of ideas, new ideas, but ideas nonetheless.  None are functionally out of accord with any other, and all are honest.  They present a fuller picture of life on earth, where the goal is always to learn to better relate to each other as equal members of the same one global community.


The legal details for churches to be able to unite against psychiatrists are on the main page of An Act Of Kindness at


Request of the church is asked to help share this message for peace on earth.  The church, any member, can help form a more concisely written statement to promote in that church.  This is merely a first draft.  A beginning is necessary and always amendable under eternal law.


The Church must participate, or be rendered materially and legally out of accord with its Gospel.  The question to any church is this, "What part of this document is out of accord with the highest ideal of your very own doctrine?  This petition is entirely without harm, without personally-exclusive benefit, without political motivation, and without government affiliation.  The bible says no one may remove any words, but it doesn't say we can't continually add to it since the living spirit is forever amending all of our thinking to be more in accord with Christ."


There exists a common standard for mental sanity beyond psychiatric understanding, of which you may not be aware.  It is called law.  It is not commonly taught in public educational systems.  The courtroom becomes our classroom for demonstrating how one individual can argue for both sides and the middle-person government simultaneously.


Herein this 10-10 An Act Of Kindness petition update is the legal groundwork provided for any to challenge a religious organization on constitutional grounds.  As a first world nation, your local laws are more likely than not directly governed by The International Law Commission. 



II. To The Church, and all its officials


On 17 Aug 2016, Pope Francis decreed "In all her being and actions, the Church is called to promote the integral development of the human person in the light of the Gospel."


The Gospel is specifically the core teachings of Matthew, Luke, Mark, and John in the common bible.  The core teaching is The Golden Rule found in Matthew 7:12, "in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you (with the ever-lasting intent for always harm to none)".


Officially, The Pope occupies the seat called "The Holy See" at United Nations meetings as a permanent observer state and not officially as a member nation (because The Vatican has never applied), informs Wikipedia, ref


Practically speaking, if a singular common sentience otherwise called "God", "Allah", or any number of other terms, exists, then It must ensure that all physical-and-other world laws are materially (structurally, in the sense of harmonious idea) consistent (or chaos would rein and said 'common sentience' would not be intelligible nor able to inspire the least of us to act for betterment of the whole). 


The conclusion of God is that some freak of nature, any walking miracle such as yourself, can use local laws to ensure all church members adhere to the same one core principal, what Christian churches call "Gospel teaching" or evangelism.  Muslims have been said to just point up, as an statement of action to reference the same contextual idea.


This is where MiracleU Coalition comes in.  MiracleU is specifically every person alive.


A freak of nature (as any individual) must recognize structures filled with people as a potential to harness real action.  The Gospel is all about doing unto others, action.  In other words, if the churches truly willed peace on Earth, God must provide a peaceful (harm to none) way to achieve it. 


The way to peace for any minister of God is more than mere lip-service for compassionate action.  It's certainly not the classic phrase "I'll pray for you (because I don't believe that God already knows what you truly need and is trying to help you get it, and of course I won't tell you what God knows you should do because then I'd be a mind-reader and declared insane by the governing witchcraft principles)".  The way to peace is with action itself.


The premise of this living adventure called "Your living hell on earth" is the "now" instances of time, as a lasting event for all of us to learn to better respect our future together, as a globally sustainable event.  Think of it like a sustainability project from a brilliant scientific mind on a universal scale.  In that regard, the past does not matter in any moment when any two decide what better they can do together to assist the whole.


"Miracles depend only upon cooperation", reminds A Course In Miracles.


The premise is a dangerous proposition because it overturns modern arguments for Christian terrorism. 


The miraculous intent must be forever for harm to befall none.  There cannot be terrorism where there is no intent for harm.  The rest is a legal misunderstanding permissible in courts of law under local Constitutions ensuring "freedom of religious action", provided none are harmed in any material way.


The MiracleU Coalition tests the willingness of churches to unite as a single voice against modern day psychiatry.  Modern day psychiatry is traditional witchcraft, but with a new name.


Specifically, The Vatican (legal head of The Catholic Church empire) asserts a man named Jesus Christ is "King Of The Universe" (20 Nov 2016 Apostolic Letter Misericordia et misera). 


Psychiatrists insist a potion or pill is the gateway to mental health and not further usurping the actual faith necessary to realize an already-present eternal state of mental wellness.


There is a direct conflict between modern day witchcraft and the idea that Christ forcibly injected anyone with tranquilizers or popped Ritalin exclaiming "your faith has healed you" (Matt 9:22), "According to your faith let it be done to you" (Matt 9:29). 


In fact, it could be said that Christ knowingly allowed a court to order the death of Jesus, just to bring him back with a colossal, "See?  You are not your body so stop trying to convince others that they should invest in the latest magical elixir of life, even if your government tells you that forcibly injecting you is right for your already eternal mind."


The MiracleU Coalition tests the mettle of churches, legally. 


Rene Helmerichs is testing churches in Taiwan.  Mainland China abhors religion, and must welcome Mr. Helmerichs should local Taiwan authorities decide they want no part of this truly limitless project (that would ultimately also be the demise of Taiwan as a state separate from the mainland).


There are government-sponsored mediation centers in Taiwan.  The Republic Of China (Taiwan) Constitution ensures "freedom of religion". 


If any church contests that anyone is not a fully a follower of the "King Of The Universe" (the living spirit of Christ Jesus), there is now revealed a legal way to permit a courtroom argument.  The local church, minister, or any staff member is in direct violation of your freedom of religious belief while they insist that you require any special ritual to possess what The Gospel instructs you to be able to gain with your own faith in that truly limitless eternal sentience.



III. The necessary religious statement is this


I am a follower of Christ Jesus.  I adhere to the Gospel.  I share the Gospel with the intent to harm none.  I live by my words.  My words dictate my actions to me, as anyone in your environment.  You cannot call me not a Christian because Christianity did not exist before Jesus, and the Gospel teaches both of us not to judge the other's religious affiliation (Matthew 7:1).  I belong to The MiracleU Coalition of non-denominational Christians Without Borders irrespective of my denomination.  I aspire to work with you to understand how we should minimize delay for the necessary action referenced in Matthew 7:12 to promote only a peaceful, harmless, existence for all.  If you do not accept me as a member in your Christian organization equal to all, you are directly imposing upon my freedom of religious belief that Christ Jesus is a living spirit with me now, speaking with the intent to heal us both of our confusion.  Our confusion is only the belief that we do not already share an eternal spirit.  This is a constitutional argument.  If you would not like to continue this in court, please help me help you, or begin criminal proceedings against me for any crime.  The living spirit is also the spirit of law.



The Miracle March is a time to make new friends, to renew old friendships, and, above all, to practice forgiveness.  All churches should be promoting the idea stated at the start:

On 31 March 2019, come out to walk with me!  We can stand and talk about walking, or we can walk and talk about our differences.  The aim of our conversation is to better understand each other as same people on the same planet each with our own worries and difficulties.  Together we gain understanding perspective.  We can help solve each other's problems!  And, the more that walk with us, the easier inspiration is able to provide a feasible solution for any imagined difficulty we could possibly have!  Many hands make light work.  We need only to begin to sincerely ask for help of each other with our difficulties.  This includes asking questions before judging or jumping to misguided conclusions.



Any one of us can begin with this all-encompassing prayer from Matthew 6:9-13,

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day the insight we need to live our lives with harm to none, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those whom we believe have trespassed against us.  In you we are forgiven, and only in our demonstration of forgiveness to others can we possibly understand your love for us.  I aspire to be a rich member in our one-same globally becoming community.  Lead me not into hatred, contempt, or obstinace, but help me to understand how to act with compassion in all my doings.  I need not tolerate injustice; there are laws to help us heal the world of its confusion.  We are all truly in your loving grace forever, and ever.  Amen.



IV. A revelation


The only way to understand is without prejudice and without judgement.  


God had an Ego, Its Ego is Christ. Christ, being Ego, had a thought it thought was not of itself.  It thought, "Is there more than God, or am I all that is?"  


God, to be truly God, must be ever-giver of all motion and sustaining all life.  There cannot be more than Allah.  And The Almighty is forever without a true name because a name denotes and idea, and the source of all is wholey without ability to be described.


The idea for "more" was directly a request to experience "less".  Only in a state of lack can the source of all life remain truly desirable.  There is not ability to experience more in the reality of experiencing having and being as a dynamic symbiant state forever amplifying.  Rather, that state itself becomes the lens of any thought within that state. 


A thought for "more" is reflected a living experience of "less".  On the one side, there exists pure eternity.  On the other side, there exists time where life itself seems to only decay.  In actuality, eternity remains ever-present in every moment throughout every universe of all universes of time and space such that the imaginary refraction device is itself revealed to exist as an invisible veil safe-guarding the eternal moment of "now" forever amidst the falsely appearing eternally dying moment. 


Time is the veil, space is the direct result of the desire for "more" in a state where no separation actually exists (because all is fluidly harmonious, and space itself is filled with the same stuff of life that keeps the planets in motion not differently than the electrons of every atom.)


Yet we have the free will to believe that more is somehow possible without understanding that we only impose limits on our faithful drives for perfection.  


Christ is able to imagine a universe of universes in which Christ is God, and not know to itself to satisfy its own desire for experiencing "more".  


Our true sentience (i.e. you are not your body, but using your body to understand yourself--and will come back here in worse shape if you fail to demonstrate more loving kindness in the smallest of gestures than the loudest of silly shouting) is eternal, ever-lasting, patient, kind, and forever undivided.


The Ego is the symbol for duality, conflict, headstrong stubbornness, and measures for intelligence on partial scales of the actually infinite state forgotten in our ongoing attempts to originate something new.


Gary Renard, like so many Coursers (students of A Course In Miracles), trusts God had just one son.  Those students will tell you the bible says Adam fell asleep in a garden long forgotten, and that he did not wake up!  


The question you must answer is, "Are mini-Egos functionally different from the whole?"  


Because the universe is always in motion, we must accept that a state of "always" exists.  The universe is not limited to Newton's conservation of Energy.  Newton spoke only of the definite.  Separation (time) did not exist before the introduction of a "more" concept to the eternal "now" beyond time.  Eternal implies constancy, which does not imply conservation of energy but ever increase to itself!  We are dynamically amplifying, perpetually existing mental entities whose inheritance is to increase!


Because eternity exists, God exists with you now forever.  You are Its equal co-creator.  Accept the living spirit within you and begin to understand the authority you posses in courts of law.


Learn to be patient, and kind.  Ask questions to clarify confusion, and for Heaven's sake, do not accept when someone tells you something is not right!  Use the law to argue the matter first in Mediation (Matt 5:25).  Thereafter, it is your choice for how far you desire your willingness to extend. 


What would the King Of The Universe do?  Would he deny realty and swallow a pill, or would he shout an alternative to witchcraft from the rooftops of every wifi-connected house?


You are a living extension of an eternally created, dynamically fluid, ever-amplifying state.  It does not matter if you or anyone believes, accepts, or understands it.  How others treat you determines their belief about you.  It takes a lot of patience to continue to unconfused the walking dead who have yet to accept the gift of demonstrate awareness for life eternal.



V. In The End


We must agree in Christ's message, since there was only one Jesus.


Thinking about that King Of The Universe and outstanding Human Rights advocate for us all, if his Mum (should always capitalize that word when referencing any mother) had a natural birth, your own origin is equally capable of producing your King Of The Universe.


Understand this, "In the name of The Heavenly Father, Christ as The Son, and The Holy Ghost (phonetically grammarly corrected as 'wholey ghost' to be sure the emphasis is on wholey and not 'filled with holes'), I do very much accept the living eternally shared spirit as existing in my own mind and guiding me ever to find the understanding for helpful action to better my universe with harm to none.  I am therefore as much King Of The Universe as Jesus, and now understand what Jesus meant when he said, 'it is quite enough for a student to become like the teacher, since our shared perfect teacher is forever with all of us eternally."


Repeat under every water shower "In the name of The Father, The Son, and the wholey spirit, I accept the gift of eternal life, again because I forgot that I was born with it." and remember to thank God for the water!


There is no point arguing about religious denominations.  Jesus wasn't a Christian, so why should we require each other to be?  



6. One for Hitler


Hitler had a revelation and found himself confused.  He stumbled into a Synagogue and said, "Gee, that guy Jesus, he just revealed to me that he was Buddha too!  We could literally take over the world, you and me." 


Of course the Rabbi said "We expected you to come.  We don't believe." 


The old testament said to cast away unbelievers... ?  Slight misunderstanding on that one, which the Jehovah witnesses still advocate in their instance that the Golden Rule of New Testament does not somehow encompass all of the earlier commandments from Moses (who must have been confused when he wrote the he followed a cloud with navigational capability and directional control... for 40 years... out of the grassland that is now the Sahara dessert since there wasn't any flooding in that part of the world at that time--basic Geology and a review of Exodus 40:36:39 tells us that.)


It's past, forgive it and help MiracleU ensure that such atrocities do not ever happen again in the name of "betterment". 


Norio Hayakawa wrote a great article about the svastika (a Sanskrit word) copied for perpetuity at


Check Susan Michaels, "Sightings: UFOs: beyond imagination lies the truth" (red cover; ISBN 9780684836300) 1990s U.S. military aircraft control tower (multiple towers and real names of witnesses) spotting of a mysterious cloud with navigational capability and directional control that happened to appear in spots along a perfect arc too large to recognize at the time.


"You must learn to forgive Hitler and Mother Teresa in the exact same way"- Gary Renard, author of Disappearance Of The Universe and foremost living teacher of A Course In Miracles.


"The at-onement process works all the time, and in all dimensions of time.  It is active in your own mind right now, and also when you sleep" - Combination quote, A Course In Miracles.


Consider, if you see a damsel fall from her bicycle in the middle of traffic are you going to squawk 4100 on your smart device awaiting a transponder ident from air support for her religious insignia OR act to get the global family member out of harms' way? 



7. In Closing


"Physician, Minister, teacher of God, heal thyself."-A Course In Miracles.


Check your mind for signs of mental illness.  There is none more qualified to know your mind than you according to the intentions you secretly harbour about those to whom you curse, beg, steal, cheat, lie, hate, and deny when you know they need but your simple loving support to sign this lovely petition entirely and exclusively promoting true worldwide peace for all.


Christian churches teach the Gospel.  MiracleU ensures Christian Ministers respect the same one God.  The idea is simple: build a worldwide university that teaches non-denominational principles to legal correspondents for ministers.  Ministers can then work with local laws to empower the church with legal authority as a corporate entity honestly for all people.


The MiracleU Coalition is the means to gain all necessary funding, merely by promoting the legally sound petition at .  Do it today, and every day.  Talk, share, and, for Heaven's sake, plan to attend the Miracle March this 31 March 2019. 


You can walk right from your home!  Or join us in Tainan City, Taiwan.



8. A tangled ending to Entanglement Theory:


For science, as an aside, Rene managed to (accidentally) end the argument about Entanglement Theory this day, Double-10 Day 2018 (Happy birthday déjà vu Taiwan!).  For the specific details see "20181010 Is entanglement severed after the first interaction?" with additional clarification to the last post in the file "20181010 follow-up with Peter..." in the bin at


Do forgive typos.  Emotion clouds scribble ability, and that explains why YOU are not aware of your very own direct link to the same-one higher mind that all truly do share.


"The number of minds in the universe is one." -Edwin Schroedinger (1933 Nobel Prize in Physics)



Just another one of us, this one distinctly a son of man and product of an environment we all share.  Rev 22:22, "And a wholey spirit hath come (to bridge science with religion and help mitigate our personal states of mental madness)",


Rene Helmerichs

10 Oct 2018

This post follows the 7 Oct 2018 prayer for Worldwide Peace at

Previous 10 Sept 2018 update introducing MiracleU is linked at

Press Release 16 Aug 2018 update for petition history is at


"Does your church demonstrate action, or delay?  Is its spirit for talk or life?  Does your church instruct you to challenge psychiatric assumptions, or fill your head with the 'take a pill' philosophy to keep eternally dying pieces of your shared mind forever separate?"

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