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This is a petition to solve the global problem behind the concept of the word "mind".  The problem is the direct cause of global struggles for power among politicians each for their own belief, whether for the true cause of Al Gore on climate change, or the ostentatious globally destructive work of U.S.A. president Donald Trump.  The solution is to arrest two psychiatrists in Ontario, Canada, to begin a new precedent for law inclusive of every personal belief for "mind".  Legal grounds are simple: psychiatrists in Canada are currently permitted to presume criminal guilt and attribute desire for self-defence or fairness to a psychosis in dire need of forced psychiatric treatment including the complete denial of the right to self-defend against the original criminal allegations. 

Medical science, our culturally esteemed expert doctors, insist that each of our thinking originates in our brains.  The assumption is that our thinking stops when our bodies die.  However, every sustainable religion, every accredited university with paranormal studies, every atheist who acknowledges the world is always changing, and every lawyer who professes the law must be forever consistent attests to an underlying singular order pervasive throughout all time to earmark a single common eternal state for all.  Put simply, "If the devil exists, than God exists also.  The devil is only known as the single greatest intellect in any relative reality because none of the atrocities attributed to the fallen leader are benevolently accepted.  The earmark of Lucifer is not fear, or thoughts for wars on terror, but the capacity to demonstrate forgiveness.  Lucifer means understanding-bringer.  In any truly eternal state, the devil and God do retain one same intellect otherwise called common sense."

The case began in 2012.  Members of a local Mormon Community Christ Congregation insisted upon an exclusive concept for God.  A teacher at reputable Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario, decided to use the nonsense to write a story to market a truer idea.  The idea is limitless, and therefore misunderstood as a horrifying thought.

Mormons involved City Of Barrie, Canada, police in August of 2012.  Sergeant Doug Henderson involved Royal Victoria Regional Healthcare Centre doctors on 3 Sept 2012.  David Northcott was the first lawyer to become involved.

The college teacher, Rene Helmerichs, watched Mr. Northcott and psychiatrist Anjana Chawla form a pact on 22 Oct 2012.  Mr. Helmerichs was stripped of his right to refuse forced injections.  The psychiatrist, Ms. Chalwa, believed Mr. Helmerichs was guilty of the criminal allegations against him.  Ms. Chawla insisted Mr. Helmerichs to be suffering from a psychosis at the idea that this story would become a global staple for law.  A transcript and audio recording of a 26 Oct 2012 discussion between Mr. Helmerichs and Mr. Chawla in the locked-down warn of Royal Victoria Regional Healthcare Centre (RVH) is included in the appendix to the text, The Choice, at .

Mormons had accused him of child abuse, extortion, stalking, sending them threatening email, and the police (Brian Read on 4 Sept 2012) added suspicion of making real bombs.  All of it was misperception based, exclusively, on the allegation of the ex-Mormon treasurer Natalie Yewchyn (now Natalie Kelloway at

Ms. Yewchyn claimed she'd wanted nothing to do with Mr. Helmerichs since they first met on 5 Feb 2011.  The state is false.  Ms. Yewchyn either suffers intentional memory loss, or is simply choosing not to recall dozens of meetings of her own volition.  At the trial for C-13-205-SR at Barrie in June 2014, the Ontario Superior Court trial judge Gregory Mulligan received her testimony.

The jury for C-13-205-SR at Barrie was excused for an afternoon while Mr. Helmerichs argued for the right to submit defence material.  Trial judge Gregory Mulligan denied defendant Mr. Helmerichs the right to submit any evidence containing reference to mental health or illness.  Mr. Mulligan ultimately denied any involvement of mental health history, but ordered police to return Mr. Helmerichs to the locked down ward of Royal Victoria Regional Healthcare Centre (RVH) on 30 June 2012 at the conclusion of the trial.  Mr. Helmerichs should have otherwise been released from custody.

Lawyer Uma Kancharla cross-examined Ms. Yewchyn.  Ms. Yewchyn claimed she never once emailed Mr. Helmerichs, but then admitted she might have replied just once to say that she did not wish to communicate with him.  Her testimony attempted to dissuade the jury from considering Ms. Kelloway did email Mr. Helmerichs a number of times, and of her own volition, but that emails were not even necessary because she was also meeting him at least once, and sometimes up to three times, per week for almost an entire year.  Emails were submitted to demonstrate Mormon treasurer Natalie Yewchyn and minister Matthew Swain gave false evidence.  The only reason witnesses could possibly be permitted to commit perjury in court is if the judge presumes guilt beyond reasonable doubt irrespective of solid defence evidence, and that is a matter of personal belief originating in the greater concept of mind.

Our minds are actually linked unconsciously.  Evidence to support that is not, however, concrete.  We grow up on a world of solid objects believing everything is the way we see it, never considering that the objects themselves are comprised of sub-atomic parts which are never at rest.

Mr. Mulligan offered Mr. Helmerichs at least three days to give testimony.  On the first day, Friday, 27 June 2018, Mr. Mulligan suddenly ordered Mr. Helmerichs to be silent.  There was no warning, and no arguing.  Mr. Helmerichs was not longer to be permitted to speak.  The crown prosecutors were allowed to cross-examine, and the trial was ended. 

On 30 June 2018, Mr. Helmerichs returned to court and presented the court with several errors in law but Mr. Mulligan would hear none of it.  Instead, Mr. Helmerichs was ordered "released from custody" but not actually released because the handcuffs never came off until he was handcuffed with one hand to another hospital bed.

Unfortunately, Canada demands steep payment for court transcripts that are also vetted by the presiding judge.  Mr. Helmerichs has named specific instances where information was intentionally omitted from the transcripts to prevent the trial judge from showing the public how unjust proceedings can actually become.  Accordingly, copies of original police statements from the Mormons and a few short emails demonstrating minister Matthew Swain and ex-treasurer Natalie (Yewchyn) Kelloway to have committed perjury at the trial for C-13-205-SR at Barrie are included in appendix to the book, The Choice, at .


This is a petition to have two Ontario, Canada, psychiatrists, Anjana Chawla (CPSO# 84905) and Liaqat Ali (CPSO# 63312), arrested.  The Ontario, Canada, court is well aware that these two psychiatrists presume criminal guilt and order individuals to be forcibly injected without giving victims the opportunity for a criminal trial.  This was established at the trial for case file C-13-205-SR at Barrie in June, 2014, by trial judge Gregory Mulligan.  The case of Rene Helmerichs is used as an example to demonstrate "common law" in Canada.



III. What happened

IV. The 2015 pinnacle of the in-court attempts of Mr. Helmerichs.

V. The problem of psychiatry

VI. Barrie's esteemed Georgian College

VII. Recapping the problem


III. What happened?

An argument began about the idea behind the word God.  It involved the Mormon and Roman Catholic concept.  It is actually the same concept ISIS and other Muslims argue, as well as all Christians, Hindus, Daoists, and any government claiming to work for the same one sustainable future.  The war on terror is directly an argument for the right to declare any one identity greater than any other, in a world forever doomed to change and forever refining its own legal standard.  It has only one solution, and that solution was directly mentioned by the gentleman Mayor in An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power to which Al Gore responded, "You better be careful talking like that."

On 1 Sept 2012 Barrie police detective Tayna Lynch (#5509) arrived at the residence of Mr. Helmerichs.  Ms. Lynch only eludes to the solution in her supplementary occurrence report, reported 1 Sept 2012 for the 31 Aug 2012 original BA12042350, about "the emails and messages that [Mr. Helmerichs] had been sending out that are unwanted by some of the recipients."  In the report, Ms. Lynch was specifically advocating for Mme Exilda Laurin, principal of the Barrie Catholic school Frere-Andre.  Ms. Lynch did not mention the contents of the messages, but they were specifically to trigger responses as all written statements generally are.

By 3 Sept 2012, Mormons accused Mr. Helmerichs of extortion, child abuse, sexual assault or domestic violence, stalking, and unwanted email communication.  The Barrie police added possibility of making real bombs.  All allegations were fictional, of course. 

The emails had been exclusively to market for a charity designed to advertise for the funds to build a global school to certify teachers for the book A Course In Miracles, a future Miracle School.  Mr. Gore did make the off-handed remark of governments awaiting some Genius to come up with a miracle to solve the greatest argument, and church ministers are slow to agree that all miracles require cooperation and cannot therefore be trust onto anyone expecting to see a miraculous answer to all things.

For example, is neither moral, nor ethical, nor legal for senior Mormon official Tim Stanlick, to argue on behalf of a church advocating for "one God", and then demand, "We, the people for our exclusive idea of God, ask The City Of Barrie police to arrest anyone that threatens our massive worldwide international Good Sense Budget workshop."

The Mormon Community Of Christ at Barrie had begun an argument with Mr. Helmerichs about God when they asked him to advertise their "Good Sense Budget" 21 April 2012 Grove Park Home workshop in the name of honest tax-advice to his students enrolled at Georgian College. 

Wife of local Mormon minister Matthew Swain, Irina, was well aware that Mr. Helmerichs refused to advertise for any one religious organization above any other, and subsequently deceived Mr. Helmerichs with the plea to extend help to advertise a "tax advice" session similar to that he had offered his students at their apartment the year before.

Mormons devised a workshop, attended for a fee, to listen to a visiting Minister effectively hypnotize attendees into giving ten percent of their salaries via direct bank transfer each month for the relief from the guilt that they are not otherwise helping The Lord do His work.  The pitch was simple, "Give to us, and we'll put in a good word for you when you die to reduce that final judgement preventing you from being accepted into Heaven."

If God establishes each of our ability to communicate, God is therefore forever with all of us individually irrespective of tithing.  God is.  God exists.  God is all things and nothing, and so much more, and every idea driving anything for the same one sustainable eternal state. 

It cannot matter the building we visit to listen to sermons about the importance of giving to the landlord of that building, before, in the case of the Mormon and Catholic Eucharist, being also told we need to pretend to practice cannibalism to know we are monsters for the greatest heresy there ever was.

Several religious officials accused Mr. Helmerichs of connecting them against their wishes.  On 3 Sept 2012, Mr. Helmerichs accepted the threat of Barrie detective Tanya Lynch and Troy Armstrong from 1 Sept 2012.  Mr. Helmerichs emailed over 100 addresses and walked up to a Barrie police officer with the simple request to now be arrested, per the assertion that he would be if he dared continue to peacefully market for that Miracle School.  Barrie police arrested Mr. Helmerichs and drove him to Royal Victoria Regional Healthcare Centre (RVH) on 3 Sept 2012.

Mr. Helmerichs began a journey through the legal abyss of Canada's criminal court system on 3 Sept. 2012.

Former Mormon treasurer Natalie Yewchyn (now Natalie Kelloway @ had invented a past that did not happen, and everyone took to her version of events instead of reality.  At the trial for C-13-205-SR in June 2014, Mr. Helmerichs directly submitted email evidence to show the Mormon testimony to be perjurous (false), but the judge seemed intent to continue to cover the larger public crime of psychiatrists abusing the global healthcare money system.

Absolutely insane, was Anjana Chalwa for reasons demonstrated in the 26 Oct 2012 audio recording of a real patient-psychiatrist session.  The transcript is titled "A Confidential Conversation" and included in the appendix to the book The Choice, with a link to the original audio also provided.  The book is at

Following the June 2014 trail, Mr. Helmerichs learned an individual was entitled to swear private charges.  In July 2014, a Justice Of The Peace at the Barrie courthouse advised Mr. Helmerichs that, although his evidence of bribery and other crimes against Ontario, Canada, psychiatrists, Anjana Chawla (CPSO# 84905) and Liaqat Ali (CPSO# 63312), is solid, the prosecutors still retain the ability to arbitrarily drop the charges.

Once prosecutors drop a charge, the evidence becomes inadmissible in later proceedings.  The Justice offered Mr. Helmerichs the choice to continue with the charges.  Mr. Helmerichs was offered the sound advice that no sane prosecutor could allow charges against psychiatrists.  The charges would need to be initiated by the prosecutors because of the ensuing nationwide class-action lawsuits that would result. 

All told, Mr. Helmerichs spent almost 3 years in jail arguing for psychiatric patients to have the right to self-defend against psychiatrists in courts of law in Canada. 


IV. The 2015 pinnacle of the in-court attempts of Mr. Helmerichs.

Mr. Helmerichs was first arrested 3 Sept 2012 and locked into a mental ward.  After two months, Mr. Helmerichs found release only on condition that he continue with forced injections.  Just a few short weeks following the 30 Oct 2012 release from RVH in Barrie, psychiatrist Anjana Chawla bribed Mr. Helmerichs to release him from the forced injections.  The new condition was that Mr. Helmerichs stop mentioning her name in his writings.  The recounted events demonstrate to the public that Ms. Chawla truly does not care for the actual well-being of her patients, and this is duly confirmed in her order to raise the dosage of the final injection.  If she felt Mr. Helmerichs to be "cured", the dosage would have been lowered to gradually wane he body off the addictive substance.

In 2015, Mr. Helmerichs sat in solitary confinement to question one psychiatrist, any psychiatrist, on the record why his, or anyone's, statements, given for the purpose of a mental exam and which were or could be conceivably used against the individual, could not be verbatim recorded.  On 3 July 2015, the Ontario Court Of Justice heard that question.

The Ontario Court Of Justice, on 3 July 2015 for case file C-14-6966 at Barrie, allowed ex-head of Waypoint Centre For Mental Health psychiatrist James Karagianis, speaking as expert for the field of psychiatry, to deny psychiatric patients the right to have their statements recorded on grounds that he, Mr. Karagianis, was afraid that his statements would appear on the internet.  Does that sound like someone speaking as an expert for an entire field?  Should the judge not have recognized such, in her continuous careful inspection of statements given to the record that day?  Find the transcript in the appendix to the book, The Choice, at

Mr. Helmerichs wasn't asking to have the statements of any psychiatrist preserved.  The matter was specifically the wrongful accusation of what had not been said, or inferred, by the patient, any patient.

As if to prove the mute point, The Ontario Court Of Justice then ordered Mr. Helmerichs to be forcibly injected, again, this time on false psychiatric claims that Mr. Helmerichs was not fit to self-represent in court.  The psychiatrist requesting the order on 5 Aug 2015, for C-14-6966 at Barrie, was Mr. William Komer, who worked directly under Mr. Karagianis, and despite an application to The College Of Physicians And Surgeons against Mr. Komer that had already been submitted and served.  The conflict of interest alone should have prevented the court from granting the order, but the judge insisted.  Find the 5 Aug 2015 transcript, as well as an earlier one from 24 Feb 2015 demonstration Mr. Komer to have been relying on incorrect information when he accused Mr. Helmerichs of having a psychosis for trying to inform Mr. Komer of such, also in the appendix to the book The Choice at

See PRESS RELEASE (warning to Taiwan) for more information--forgive its creative presentation, all facts are true; the serious nature requires a ridiculous approach to ensure both harmless intent and the single fact that any disbelieving politician will ignore its contents entirely until someone in higher authority demands answers--at

The polite warning to Taiwan is repeated in the update "Taiwan LAF Mocks China Law" at

The most hair-raising update to this petition may yet be "Mary mother of Jesus (what you should know)" at

The argument began with Mormons. It was about God from the start, and it is still about the concept of what they call God.  Police, lawyers, and doctors have stepped in the way.  However, the principal argument remains. 


V. The problem of psychiatry

The problem is precisely this four-letter word "mind".  Both "mind" and "God" are found in The Criminal Code Of Canada, but are nowhere defined.  God, of course, is notably inclusive of all and so much more that no religious argument is legally permitted in court (else the judges cannot appear as Gods).  Mind, however, is something that ought to have a legal definition.  Mind is specifically that part of the eternal trinity that is forever confused about how it could itself be lord over its environment, that no more exists, yet that it can invent a limitless number of legal bricks to build a tower greater than any ever imagined.

Right now, psychiatrists are permitted to arbitrarily define the word "mind".  Each does it differently.  The actual idea is never addressed.  They assume they know the concept by the presentation of their statements for it and demand that others accept their false claims as true.  It's sort of like judging the absolutely unquestionable beauty of a painting for someone else, as so horrific that the admirer begins to think no beauty ever existed.

Modern-day psychiatry is actually the anti-thesis of all things human and good, and directly witchcraft from the legal charge "Pretending to practice witchcraft" that really did exist in The Criminal Code Of Canada until just a couple years ago when The Canadian Government realized Mr. Helmerichs could actually charge every single pill-pushing wayward physician with witchcraft, and ought to scrap the charge asap.

If psychiatrists would only stop trying to secretly be God, we might have hope to understand why in math 1/0 is undefined (and not infinity as newer phones try to relate with the side-ways "8"), or why the sub-sub atomic parts seem not to move but rather to flash in different locations.  The answer is simple.  Bodies cannot join.  Bodies are operated by minds that are confused about how different minds can share the same mind, and be different at the same time.  That expresses itself physically in, literally, everything right down to the make-up commercials seen on youtube in place of the "love thy neighbour" speech that 2000-year-old dead guy gave.  We forget that he came back to life to demonstrate this world is not what it seems.

The word "mind" in The Criminal Code Of Canada, is only found in section 2, the definition section, and only with respect to "metal disorder".  Mental disorder is defined as "a disease of the mind". 

Mental disorder, or dysfunction, is presumed to be entirely physical.  In reality, the entire body is a communication medium not unlike a giant cell phone.  Figuratively, we do push our own buttons on day seeking to trigger responses, sometime in jest, sometimes for need. 

The general notion that mind retains memory, which is the ability to bridge time and therefore cannot be confined to time, is never considered.  Nor is the fact that we exist in a realty that is always changing, and therefore ought to be able to logically deduce why the law must be consistent and that a state beyond time exists as well-spring for every truly consistent concept, and any other idea considered "genius" or inspired.


VI. Barrie's esteemed Georgian College

Mr. Helmerichs was a teacher at Georgian College of Barrie.  Despite also been a reputable face for the college, deans Mac Greaves and Maryann Fifield were quick to fire the union employee in October 2012.  Deans declared Mr. Helmerichs suddenly unqualified to teach a course he'd been teaching for 3 years. 

Georgian was actually committing fraud.  It listed Senior Team (top team overseeing 25,000 students across all of Ontario) member Maryann Fifield as the manager of a program that consisted of just one teacher, Mr. Helmerichs, and Patricia Whittington, the actual manager and individual who was also manager at multiple Georgian campuses overseeing approximately 100 college employees, as the program co-ordinator.  Mr. Helmerichs was the unofficial program co-ordinator who was attending meetings in Toronto at Ontario Colleges, as well as marketing for the program, screening applicants, determining course eligibility, managing the course budget, and writing monthly reports for Ms. Whittington who substituted her name for his each month.

Why did Georgian College list Maryann Fifield as manager for a program of one teacher?  The answer is money.  Ms. Fifield made the most, over $150,000 annually, and the budget for the course was directly determined as a percentage of the salaries paid the individuals listed, on paper, as being responsible for the course. 

The OPSEU Local 350 crew has yet to respond to requests for information about the lack of assistance given Mr. Helmerichs when he was wrongfully dismissed from a hospital warn instead of provided medical subsidy or some other form of help to counter the false criminal allegations against him.


VII. Recapping the problem

This particular case is one of many.  Canadian police accuse individuals of a crime.  To save strain on the court, or for whatever other reason, the individual is locked into a hospital.  The hospital does fall under the legal definition of a prison in The Criminal Code Of Canada.

Individuals are not usually shown the arrest report.  They are presumed guilty of a crime, and then dropped off at a hospital.  Individuals are left to argue with psychiatrists about their alleged psychoses.

When human rights victims attempt to complain, the presumption is for illness and any government office normally charged with the task of defending for patient rights begins to advocate for the psychiatrist instead.  The actual complaint about the illegitimacy of the diagnosis is lost in the plight of the individual who has now lost the right to publicly advertised constitutional rights.

Point in fact: every psychosis is fundamentally a difference of opinion about reality, and reality is underscored by a common law that can never be fully written.  We are each, in effect at any moment of the day, merely arguing about which, or what, is most honest in any relative reality.

There exists that common standard called law, locally called The Criminal Code.  Somewhere in a country's respective rulebook fairness must be mentioned, so that anyone not willing to play fairly can be removed from the game.  This applies equally to physicians the likes of Anjana Chawla (CPSO# 84905) and Liaqat Ali (CPSO# 63312), as well as countless other attorneys, prosecutors, officers of the law, government officials, and even current United States (not America as a whole) President Donald Trump.

The choice may be obvious, but when it comes down to deciding whether or not to do what you know to be best, think whether it would be appreciated by everyone else alive now and in the future, and maybe choose again.

The problem is psychiatry, and lack of a legal definition for "mind".  Mind is not confined to the body.  Psychiatrists insist that it is, and convince lawyers of their false wishes for assurance that this physical reality is all there is to life.

Share this petition today, to restore our lost common sense.  The sooner Canada publicly admits to its mistake, the sooner other countries will follow.  This problem needs fixing NOW, not tomorrow.  It won't get any smaller with further delay.  Media propaganda advertising the U.S.A. war on terror does only continue to reiterate the asinine position of Mr. Donald Trump, who should rightly be impeached for crimes against the best interests of the people of the United States Of America.


See PRESS RELEASE (warning to Taiwan) for more information and history of this case--forgive its creative presentation, all facts are true; the serious nature requires a ridiculous approach to ensure both harmless intent and the single fact that any disbelieving politician will ignore its contents entirely until someone in higher authority demands answers--at


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