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Rene Helmerichs

Aug 16, 2018 — 



Miracle Man walks up to a cop, asks to be arrested, is arrested, and uses the arrest to correct the legal system of Canada.  The event occurred 3 Sept 2012 in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.


Resulting global real-time news headlines:













The whole story.

Christians complain about psychiatrists, "Jesus did not walk around selling pills for mental health!  He corrected understanding by reminding that our minds are already eternal.  We must accept Jesus is Lord!"

Rene Helmerichs believes in the scientific process of asking questions, "Ask and ye shall receive?".  Mr. Helmerichs accepts Jesus, Mohamed, and all the insight and awareness that accompany the everlasting awareness, founded on logic.

A group of Mormons deceived Mr. Helmerichs to advertise their 21 April 2012, Barrie, Ontario, Good Sense Budget tithing workshop in his college class.  In response, he challenged their concept of God.

"It is our reactions that define us," Rene told an undercover reporter.  "Police can promote justice, or not."

The Mormon Community Of Christ complained that Mr. Helmerichs continued to contact them for partnership, without their consent, to build an international school for A Course In Miracles.  Tim Stanlick, a senior U.S.A. official for the global enterprise, ordered City Of Barrie police to arrest Mr. Helmerichs.

The argument clearly got out of hand when detectives Troy Armstrong and Tanya Lynch warned Mr. Helmerichs on 1 Sept 2012.  Mr. Helmerichs wondered about the proposed Mormon-police partnership.

On 3 Sept 2012, the Georgian College OPSEU Local Union 350 employee sent just one email to 100 addresses in response to the new Mormon-police alliance, and walked to the nearest Barrie police officer with the logical request to now be arrested.

Barrie police laughed.  In fact, while Mr. Helmerichs had only approached one single officer, there were suddenly at least half a dozen present when Sergeant Doug Henderson admitted Mr. Helmerichs to Royal Victoria Regional Healthcare Center (RVH) the morning of that holiday Labour Day, 3 Sept 2012.

The first psychiatrist, Mr. Liqat Ali, insisted Mr. Helmerichs claimed to be "God".  He then insisted that a parental divorce some two decades earlier caused Mr. Helmerichs to suddenly become psychotic.  Mr. Ali refused to consider the parents of Mr. Helmerichs remained great friends and still see each other almost weekly to this day.  Did Mr. Ali think that a loving eternal sentience abhors divorce but respects free will?

On 22 Oct 2012, RVH (east-Indian) chief psychiatrist Ms. Anjana Chawla ordered Mr. Helmerichs to be denied the right of defence.  Thereafter, he was repeatedly forcibly injected.  He had warned her, "They will make a movie out of this."  It was only logical.

She had told him, "Don't be ridiculous, I am the expert in mind."

Barrie police detective 731 Brian Read authored occurrence report BA12042846 dated 4 Sept 2012.  Mr. Read accused Mr. Helmerichs of threatening Mormons on 3 Sept 2012.  The report also suggested Mr. Helmerichs was making bombs, and stalking specifically the Mormon treasurer.  The local Mormon minister, Matthew Swain, added allegations of child abuse.

The 4 Sept 2012 report does not say that Mr. Helmerichs was actively communicating with a college student named Nathalie Ramirez whom his sister assumed to be the Mormon treasurer Natalie Yewchyn (now Natalie Kelloway at  The report states Mr. Helmerichs was arrested for a criminal offence.

Mr. Helmerichs did not receive a trial for the allegations.   Psychiatrists presumed guilt, and continued the process of destroying all credibility.  Georgian College deans Mac Greaves and Maryann Fifield dismissed the reputable teacher, and marketing assistant, before his release from hospital.

Ms. Chawla released Mr. Helmerichs only after two months and only on condition of continuing forced injections on 30 Oct 2012.  She enacted a community treatment order to ensure continuation of injections.  Should Mr. Helmerichs not appear for the weekly painful injections, the police could bring him by force?

Just three weeks after his release, all medication stopped.  Incredibly, Ms. Chawla bribed Mr. Helmerichs with full restoration of his normal right to refuse her "treatment" in exchange that he lower a blog defaming her name, and that of RVH.

The man insisted he receive a trial.  The man then spent almost 3 years in jail in Canada trying to argue the point of being repeatedly arrested for the same crime, without receiving a trial the first time, and without being allowed to present a mental health defence at the trial for C-13-205-SR at Barrie the second time.

At the trial, the judge commented, at the close of the testimony of Mr. Helmerichs, "this will make great material for your book, later."


"We have free will." Tim Stanlick, a senior U.S.A. global representative for The Mormon Community Of Christ claimed.  "Mormons have the right to convince people to give 10 percent of their salaries to us using the Good Sense Budget workshops that we administer worldwide.  We promote Jesus, the true God, and Joseph Schmitt who found gold tablets like Moses.  If you want to be a real Christian in the time of the second coming, you need to be reborn into our church."

Mr. Helmerichs considered the Mormon method exactly like a pontzi-scheme that actually sold nothing, except the massive international enterprise must be "too big to fail" or surely governments would veto the money laundering set-up.

The Good Sense Budget workshops misrepresent the tithing principles of Deuteronomy 14:22-27.  The bible does not actually instruct people to give any money to any lord in the name of God, and, in fact, clearly states that Jesus also opposed the idea (Matthew 21:12; 7:24).  People are empowered to buy what they want (Deut 14:26).  What do churches sell when they hold workshops to convince people that God is happy with them when they give their money to that church?  What makes the employee of the church more aware of anyone's need than your own mind if we do, in fact, share just one eternal sentience as Edwin Schroedinger and Albert Einstein (both Nobel Prize in Physics winners) also suggested?

Psychiatrist Mr. Ali passed the man unto Ms. Chawla.  For a real look at Ms. Chawla, find the 26 Oct 2012 psychiatric session between herself and Mr. Helmerichs in the appendix of his book, The Choice, for free at



These are the days of Michael.  Michael is a self-attested Christian who stated, on 14 Aug 2018, "The Bible is my Playboy Magazine."  Michael offers his restaurant for the first Christian roundtable.  Its location is included in The Choice, but will also be advertised on fliers to local churches for English-language Bible practise in Taiwan, China, if only to further share this captivating fishy tale!

The purpose is to allow any church-goer to ask any biblical question.  "Miracles depend only on cooperation," Miracle Man states, "and Matthew quotes Jesus as having said, 'Where any two agree, heaven is in their midst.'"  It follows that, where all agree, common sense might prevail.

As a foundation for common sense, Ms. Chawla should not have been permitted to repeatedly forcibly inject Mr. Helmerichs in October and November 2012 on presumption of criminal guilt.  Worse is her claim that Mr. Helmerichs needs to confess to the crime to be considered marginally recovered from her diagnosis of mental psychosis.  When at last Ms. Chawla bribed Mr. Helmerichs with full restoration of his normal right to refuse her medication in exchange that he lower a blog about her and RVH... that is criminally called bribery, and is exactly the charge Mr. Helmerichs would still like to press after having spent three years in jail in Canada trying to tell Ontario prosecutors how big of a misunderstanding this all has really been.

Point in fact of the misunderstanding: consider the transcript for 3 July 2015, case file C-14-6966 at Barrie.  Mr. Helmerichs waited patiently in solitary confinement for the opportunity to question one doctor, any doctor, on the record, as to why statements from Mr. Helmerichs could not be verbatim recorded.

The Ontario court did, on 5 Aug 2015, for C-14-6966 at Barrie, order that Mr. Helmerichs should be forcibly injected because doctors do not consider that he was well enough to self-represent in court.

Both the 3 July 2015 and 5 Aug 2015 transcripts of court proceedings for C-14-6966 at Barrie are included in the appendix to the book titled The Choice, available for free at .

The court ordered Rene Helmerichs to Ontario Shores Centre For Mental Health Sciences in Whitby, Ontario, Canada, on 5 Aug 2015.

At Ontario Shores, psychiatrist Mr. (male) Leslie Wong refused to permit Mr. Helmerichs to submit even written responses to oral questions.  At that point, Mr. Helmerichs quit trying to argue for his right to self-defend against psychiatrists.


Find a voice recording with Barrie police Sergeant Doug Henderson at Johnson's Beach in Barrie, Canada.  This is the actual recording of the real arrest that occurred on 3 Sept 2012 to start this story off:

The trial judge, Mr. Gregory Mulligan, knew ex-Mormon treasurer Natalie (Yewchyn) Kelloway lied at trial in her June 2014 testimony for C-13-205-SR.  Ms. Yewchyn claimed never to have emailed Mr. Helmerichs.  On cross-examination by Uma Kancharla, she admitted she may have replied once, but only to tell him that she wanted no communication with him.  Mr. Helmerichs submitted several emails from her, also initiated by her, including for a 28 March 2012 spa date which had been of her own design.

Ms. Kelloway had invited two men to The Blue Mountain Spa in Collingwood, Ontario, in January 2012, for a date that she later set as 28 March 2012.  Find emails from her in the appendix to The Choice linked below in GET THIS ON THE TV NEWS.  She chose to falsify her recount of the entire time from start to finish.  A full review of the year is included in The Dissertation For Worldwide Peace, should any reporter like a fuller picture.  There was even a small-session private Bible discussion weekly meet-up encounter at Connexus Church pastor Larry's home attended by just 6 individuals (including Larry, his wife, Natalie, Rene, and two others) in May 2012--Ms. Kelloway claimed she wanted nothing to do with Mr. Helmerichs since 5 Feb 2011?  And the Maple Grove Peace Catcher Kids' Club weekly meets that she religiously attended knowing Mr. Helmerichs and his son would be there?  The adults outnumbered the kids, and Ms. Kelloway didn't then have a child, so why would she attend weekly in October, November, and December 2011?  Ms. Kelloway also forgot to inform police that there were a total of three roses given, the first (which she declared as freakishly stalking), the second at Halloween 2011 with the note "Boo", and a third long stem blue rose at the New Year's Eve Barrie Social's Club dance before she danced alone with Mr. Helmerichs on the dance floor.  Several Mormons were in attendance that night to attest to that, including Chris Medd, weekend housemate of Natalie Kelloway (

For information about the trial judge Gregory Mulligan, see the creative blog post:




This story is now in Taiwan.  For REAL NEWS from Taiwan, see:

There is great opportunity for mainland China to begin an international human rights case against Taiwan on grounds of extreme prejudice (previous complaints about Republic Of China police already posted to the petition at in May 2018--at least two posts). 

Mr. Helmerichs filed the criminal charge of fraud against the Sesame Street school represented in the business card at the link "For REAL NEWS from Taiwan" on 31 May 2012.  Two months have passed and nothing has happened.  Instead, Legal Aid Foundation (LAF) refused to assist Mr. Helmerichs with the matter on grounds of his Canadian arrest, except LAF mis-stated the grounds and adds its own delay.  LAF is currently investing Mr. Helmerichs.  A lawyer for LAF claims Mr. Helmerichs to have insulted him or her, or somehow broken the LAF code of client conduct.  Yet LAF permits a lawyer to play games in court with prosecutors who pursue Mr. Helmerichs for slandering the vice president of the Kidsland-Sesame Street educational enterprise overseeing approximately 2500 students.  Prosecutors permit the school to continue its operation while fully defrauding parents.  Sesame Street takes money from clients, demands trust, but offers only deceit and silence about promises to help Mr. Helmerichs correct the criminal record that he should not have, and for which he should not have been hired, but was with the promise to help correct it!  What legitimate school operates like that, and then is permitted to continue to operate?  See that last link.

China should have no problem winning the human rights suit against Taiwan.  Taiwan is clearly mis-representing its own awareness of human rights.  The Taiwan Association For Human Rights (TAHR) has also been repeatedly emailed, at multiple addresses.  Once China wins a Human Rights suit against Taiwan in International Court (with full support from the U.S.A.--already shown), the mainland can legally demand its 9 dissidents to be returned that are currently living in Taiwan.  One or more dissidents seems to have paid to pad news agencies with drama, yet no lawyer or politician in Taiwan is so self-serving to submit THIS story to the government-controlled news? 

China, you have legal authority to take Taiwan to town for its entire legal, and financial, structure on grounds of an extreme human rights violation.  And please take your dissidents home.  Seek embargoes in International Court to claim Taiwan peacefully.  Taiwan, the International Court claim rests on my demonstrating you to be against human rights by NOT promoting this story nationally, everywhere, RIGHT NOW.

This story is all-around horrible for Taiwan.

Alternatively, this story can propel Taiwan into the spotlight as the greatest Human Rights advocate EVER if they decide to truly assist the international coalition (movement) for common sense in Canada.




Criminal charges against SET TV in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.  Set TV aired Rene Helmerichs giving away hundreds of bills of real Republic Of China currency with the web address of this story on 15 Feb 2018.  Instead of covering the story, it claimed Mr. Helmerichs would receive trouble for the news stunt.  Six months pass, and no trouble except to Taiwan for having no excuse but to say, "We are delaying worldwide peace but have charged Mr. Helmerichs with slandering the Sesame Street superintendent, Ms. Clare Chiang.  Ms. Chiang of Tainan City, Republic Of China, knew Mr. Helmerichs had been in jail for three years in Canada for this story, agreed to help him, hired him as teacher for the 2500 students she oversees, and fired him when he insisted she make good on her word to help him advertise Canada's crimes."

This is a negative news story.  It's how media companies actually manipulate the public opinion.  If SET TV does not cover this story, they simply become part of it and help get it covered eventually.  Details in the previous update:




Case file C-14-6966 at Barrie, on the record of 3 July 2015, offers the public a glimpse at insanity.  Waypoint Center For Mental Health ex-chief psychiatrist James Karagianis officially spoke as "expert for the field of psychiatry" when he insisted that mental patients should NOT be permitted to have their mental assessment statements verbatim recorded because the psychiatrist is afraid the psychiatric summaries will be publicly revealed as a fraudulent misappropriation of public funds.  See the court support that opinion in the transcript for the record of 5 Aug 2015, just a month later, when the court decided Mr. Helmerichs should be again forcibly injected for trying to advocate for justice--specifically, psychiatrist Mr. Komer, working under Mr. Karagianis, testified that Mr. Helmerichs was too ill to self-represent, retrospectively, in court.  Find both transcripts (and a third to demonstrate the necessity of permitting patients to have their statements verbatim recorded) in the appendix of The Choice Amidst The Argument at:

The only question to ask the public is, "Do you realize the extent to which your government abuses you?"




In loving memory of Stephanie Teresa Holts (23 July 1991 - Nov 2012).  Ms. Holts suffered at the hands of psychiatrist Anjana Chawla inside the lock-down ward of RVH.  She had been arrested for possession of crack.  Barrie police forgot to remove her paraphernalia.  She passed them to Mr. Helmerichs, who smuggled them out.  Pictures of the odd mishap were blogged, and Ms. Chawla threatened Mr. Helmerichs with criminal charges but elected to bribe Mr. Helmerichs instead.  Ms. Holts did not receive a trial, just as Mr. Helmerichs also had not.  While Mr. Helmerichs did not flee, Ms. Holts fled, and in a moment of despair at her own situation, tragically elected to end her life.  She is missed.




Barrie's Royal Victoria Regional Healthcare Centre's (east-Indian) chief psychiatrist Anjana Chawla bribed torture victim Rene Helmerichs to lower a blog containing criminal actions of hospital staff, patient sexual relations, and other lively blunders of Canada's healthcare system.

Confronted with the choice to bribe, or continue to uselessly threaten her patient, the psychiatrist relented.  She'd originally planned forced injections for a year begun with the community treatment order dated 30 Oct 2012.  The order ensured police back-up and nurses to hold down her patient should there by any further protesting.

Recordings for evidence of the bribe have been circulated online, and actions speak louder than words.  Just weeks after signing the order, all forced medication stopped.  The psychiatrist did not, however, feel Mr. Helmerichs ought to be released from the injections and raised the dosage of the final injection as a parting gesture of her own wishful thinking.  Karma will see that returned with double her parting dosage for double the intended period of time.  Is it common practice to raise the dosage of a physically addictive substance to exasperate withdrawal symptoms in Canada's healthcare policy? 

One should wonder more why The College Of Physicians And Surgeons of Ontario allows psychiatrists to play off verifiable bribes as "a joke" while their treatments are endured at great risk to the victim's body and with oftentimes associated severe physical pain. 

It is not a joke to be on the receiving end of forced injections on presumption of criminal guilt for a crime that had not actually been committed.  Yet Canada, Oh Canada, we stand on guard for all thy trespasses and wonder when thou wouldst cease thy fraudulent causes.



Why hasn't this made the news?





Rene Helmerichs

16 Aug 2018

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