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Rene Helmerichs

Aug 10, 2018 — 

There is no such thing as an accident.  Lunacy is not using advanced technology to prevent them.

A Mormon minister swears to City Of Barrie police that a baptised Lutheran-Christian is not a Christian.  Minister Matthew Swain and his treasurer have the Lutheran committed (locked into a mental ward) for insisting "one God" is equally with all.  

The argument began when senior Mormon minister Kris Judd asked a student of A Course In Miracles to demonstrate "Perfect love casts out fear."

The superior of Ms. Judd was Tim Stanlick.  Mr. Stanlick emailed Mr. Swain to inform the local authorities.  Barrie police detectives Tanya Lynch and Troy Armstrong arrived with the formal notice on 1 Sept 2012.  The student, Rene Helmerichs, accepted the request, emailed Mormons The Good News Is Here, as an attached PDF, on 3 Sept 2012, and promptly returned to a Barrie police officer for the arrest.

Find a voice recording of the 3 Sept 2012 encounter with Ontario MCSCS police Sergeant Doug Henderson at Johnson's Beach in Barrie, Canada:

The story was changed.  

Barrie police detective Brian Read reported on 4 Sept 2012 that Mr. Helmerichs was arrested 3 Sept 2012 for causing Mormons fear for safety.  Police added suspicion of making bombs.  The Mormon Minister contacted Children's Aide with suspicion of child abuse, and the treasurer, Natalie Yewchyn (now Natalie Kelloway insisted Mr. Helmerichs seduced her into inviting two men on a 28 March 2012 spa date, and then attending the date against her later wishes.

Mr. Swain and Ms. Yewchyn were then permitted to commit perjury at trial for case file C-13-205-SR in the Barrie courthouse.  At that point, the Ontario, Canada, government had openly and knowingly violated The Charter Of Rights And Freedoms no less than five times in support of The Mormon God:

The Lutheran-Muslim student of A Course In Miracles tried to raise the issue of then head Royal Victoria Barrie Hospital psychiatrist Anjana Chawla repeatedly forcibly injecting Mr. Helmerichs for her own opinion of spirituality, which is actually witchcraft.  Ms. Chalwa believed the injections would cause Mr. Helmerichs to admit somehow magically causing Ms. Kelloway to want to falsify her own memories to save her innate belief in good Mormon correctness.

If a psychiatrist, or church leader, advocates for any eternal being that is not everywhere (and with everyone) at the same time, in real-time, at any given moment in time, then the temple, or mosque, or school, or government is amiss.  When a doctrine demands payment from clients to promote a false teaching, whether in blood, time, or taxation, then it's fraud.

Canada has openly defended Canadians on direct behalf of The Mormon Community Of Christ since 3 Sept 2012.  Worse yet, Canada defends FOR defrauding the public while it refuses to redress the truly horrifying psychiatric babble raping tax-payers and ill-care clients alike.  

It should be of no surprise that judge Gregory Mulligan  openly and knowingly permitted perjury in place of law in the courthouse at Barrie, in June 2014, for C-13-205-SR.  Rene Helmerichs was not permitted to raise the issue of mental health, despite prosecutors having repeatedly attempted to declare Mr. Helmerichs mentally unfit for court.  

Mr. Helmerichs has little choice but to continue the global cause for hope.  His reputation left him abandoned and broken, and his son abducted by a system claiming fairness and equality.

Case file C-14-6966 at Barrie, on the record of 3 July 2015, offers the public a glimpse at insanity.  Waypoint Center For Mental Health ex-chief psychiatrist James Karagianis officially spoke as "expert for the field of psychiatry" when he insisted that mental patients should NOT be permitted to have their mental assessment statements verbatim recorded because the psychiatrist is afraid the psychiatric summaries will be publicly revealed as a fraudulent misappropriation of public funds.  See the court support that opinion in the transcript for the record of 5 Aug 2015, just a month later, when the court decided Mr. Helmerichs should be again forcibly injected for trying to advocate for justice.  Find both transcripts (and a third to demonstrate the necessity of permitting patients to have their statements verbatim recorded) in the appendix of The Choice Amidst The Argument at:

In effect, this greater petition does correct the entire current field of psychiatry to such an extent that Mr. Helmerichs MUST be considered a public threat until enough of the masses realize the intent has been pure from the start. 

The only question to ask the public is, "Do you realise the extend to which your government abuses you?"

Why hasn't this made the news?

Fixing Canada from within Canada didn't work, and complaints have been left unheard.

Re SET TV 15 Feb 2018 18h00 airing:

Criminal charges against SET TV in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, to help the matter along:


If SET TV does not cover this story, they simply become part of it and help me get it covered eventually.  When someone truly asks for help to fix an ongoing problem, the need remains despite momentary opposition. 

Rene Helmerichs

10 Aug 2018


To Mr. Donald Trump:

It is not your call to prevent Taiwan from seeking international equality.  If you will not work with me to help you begin to fill Lake Mead, to permanently end the droughts plaguing the Western States, at least stop foolishly preventing Taiwan from becoming its own independent nation.  Only a fool would watch a government thoroughly empty a lake at more than twice the cost of what it would take to just help nature fill it.  And if China complains, We can offer the whole of the province of Ontario, Canada, in legal exchange.  Grandiose?  Maybe, but not impossible.



Share this petition to help arm-wrestle Canada, or The World Bank, into providing the funds to build the first, and only official, school to certify global teachers of A Course In Miracles.  Thinking of it like the X-Men school for The Gifted isn't incorrect.  It'll provide pay to students while attending, and fully back its teachers for their entire life after graduation.  The school will be self-sustaining because knowledge is actually free and as long as the current worldwide governing elite are left to drive The World Bank, there will always be those with better time-and-money saving ideas.  So, since this actually helps all of us, what exactly is the reason for the delay in getting this started?


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