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A brief history of Clare Chiang








Is it legal for a police officer to state that he does not have an identification number?

Is this really something that you feel all police officers for Taiwan should be permitted to do?

Are you aware that it leaves you without defence against frivolous police accusations?

On 19 Aug 2018, in the office of Rene Helmerichs at Tainan City in The Republic Of China, national Taiwan deputy police director Peter Ke re-iterated his 1 June 2018 statement that he does not have an identification number.  Upon further inquiry, this time directly in front of his director knowing his director or the other officer to be recording the encounter on their torso-mounted cell phones, Mr. Ke suggested unwillingness to provide the identification for fear of complaints against him. 

The officer in charge of deputy director Peter Ke was stated to be the individual marked with badge identification 15026 on 19 Aug 2018.

It does no good to permit law enforcers to hide their public identities for fear of accountability.  However, One China permits a Legal Aid Foundation to openly insult its own governing legal structure, so lack of accountability among its law enforcers is to be expected.



The Legal Aid Foundation (LAF) for Taiwan is testing human rights initiatives for One China. 

LAF has decided to cancel legal representation for defendant Rene Helmerichs on grounds that its lawyer, Ms. Elsa Yang, is insulted.  Mr. Helmerichs is accused of slandering a school for warning the school.

Ms. Yang stated insult at the idea that Canada lawyers could possibly have permitted two Mormon witnesses to commit perjury for case file C-13-205-SR at Barrie in June of 2014.  Details are found in the 16 Aug 2018 update for the international petition at .

How and why LAF would cancel legal representation for Mr. Helmerichs to justify a whimsical lawyer's insistence of being insulted by a different country for an event that occurred years ago, leaves the public questioning LAF for ulterior motive.

The LAF continues to decline support Mr. Helmerichs in his pledge to correct ongoing fraud committed by a chain of private schools in Taiwan.

The school is Kidsland-Sesame Street.  Is the Kidsland conglomerate silently paying LAF, or does LAF have larger in-kind political motivation?

The credibility of LAF tarnishes Taiwan.  Were it not entirely true, Mr. Helmerichs would face serious reprisal.  However, prosecutors watch what LAF will do next to tarnish its own credibility.  An impending charge of legal mal-practise to Elsa Yang will only result in a further request for assistance from LAF, which they can then also deny to support the ultimate international human rights lawsuit mainland China can present The International Court against either, or both, LAF and Taiwan.

In this LAF case, file 1070620-C-012, the issuing LAF office permits a lawyer, Ms. Yang, to knowingly commit mal-practise.  LAF then requests Mr. Helmerichs to continue to cooperate with the lawyer and accept the lawyer as his legal representative in court.  A lawyer who is known to commit legal mal-practise does not a sound legal representative make.

LAF does not stop there.  LAF continues to blunder its legal credibility.  It gave Mr. Helmerichs only 1 month to close the matter.  LAF has withdrawn all legal support for Mr. Helmerichs in the matter of file 1070620-C-012. 

The matter concerns the allegation that Mr. Helmerichs intends malice toward the Kidsland private school chain that he had actually tried to warn not to continue with its intent of defrauding clients!

The very allegation of slander against Mr. Helmerichs is a mockery to mainland China.  A reaction must ensue, and the only possibly outcome for benefit to Taiwan is a partnership with Mr. Helmerichs to begin to uphold justice.

Mr. Helmerichs is placed on trial for allegedly ruining the public reputation of Kidsland-Sesame Street vice president Clare Chiang, 江佩樺.  See contact information in the pictured business card, also posted in the petition update dated 8 Aug 2018, "Shocking Real News: Sesame Street",

Ms. Chiang hired convicted Canadian felon Mr. Helmerichs, knowing he attended prison only to write the pages of this very story in its earlier form.  When the time came to make good on her agreement to support the story, she demanded that Mr. Helmerichs deceive clients of the 2500-student private schools. 

Ms. Chiang continues to accept payment while denying her clients crucial insight into teachers at her school.  She publicly advertises the initiative to work together, and plays Sesame Street songs of living together in the same one world, but openly attempts to discredit the international Human Rights work of Mr. Helmerichs and others.

LAF compounds the insult of cancelling all legal support for 1070620-C-012 with the encouragement that Mr. Helmerichs should cooperate fully with the assigned legal representative, Ms. Yang. 

Ms. Yang is figuratively throwing nails upright onto the seats of LAF representatives and Taiwan prosecutors.  Surely China will consider this matter ridiculous, but the ensuing international human rights violations instigated by LAF, and Taiwan police having filed the charge, must leave Taiwan prosecutors aghast.


A brief history of Clare Chiang:

On 4 May 2018, Ms. Chiang told The Tainan City Labor Affairs Bureau that Mr. Helmerichs was fired 6 months into a 2-year contract because he did not provide a criminal record check from Canada.  Ms. Chiang failed to mention that she approved removing the requirement from the contract signed 26 May 2017. 

LAF has supplied a different lawyer for the civil matter of recuperating 1.5 years of outstanding salary.

Ms. Chiang further falsified her testimony to state that she would re-hire Mr. Helmerichs.  Mr. Helmerichs must demonstrate legal ability to work in Taiwan.  The demonstration is given.  Mr. Helmerichs does not require a work permit to work in Taiwan, and, therefore, does not require a criminal record check regardless of that fact that Ms. Chiang also removed the requirement from the initial contract.

Mr. Helmerichs attempted to mediate with Ms. Chiang following dismissal from a place of work that he actually respects.  On 4 May 2018, he presented only glowing oral testimony, praise to the school, and continues "The managers at Kidsland-Sesame Street function like a real team.  Every team has its issues to face, but that school is easily the best school I've come across in terms of cooperation.  Miracles depend only upon cooperation.  The current events are unfortunate, and really only founded on a single seed of doubt that entered the mind of Ms. Chiang."

Ms. Chiang involved Taiwan detective Mr. Zongxi Wu, 吳宗諭 following dismissing Mr. Helmerichs. 

Mr. Wu questioned Mr. Helmerichs on 7 May 2018.  Mr. Wu did not inform Mr. Helmerichs of ability for a free lawyer.  Mr. Wu insisted to take statements entirely out of context.  And, to really demonstrate Taiwan apathy toward international human rights, Mr. Wu, and his foreign affairs police officer Ms. Lin, denied Mr. Helmerichs both the right and the ability to press the charges of fraud or slander against Ms. Chiang for her actions against the school.

On 31 May 2018, Mr. Helmerichs managed to file a charge of fraud against Ms. Chiang at the Tainan District Court for The Republic Of China.  However, prosecutors have yet to accept the charge and insisted that Mr. Helmerichs provide more information.  Mr. Helmerichs did provide additional concrete evidence on 28 June 2018 to which neither prosecutors nor police have given formal reply to this date nearly 2 months later.

Taiwan prosecutors have yet to acknowledge that Ms. Chiang may even be committing fraud.

Fraud is loosely defined as deceitful gain involving a third party with harm to the second.  Mr. Helmerichs lost his employment on grounds that Ms. Chiang desired to continue to deceive parents about his past, for direct financial compensation to the school.  The local-legal definition is found in Article 339 of The Criminal Code for The Republic Of China. 

LAF endorses the fraud in its ongoing insistence to deny support to Mr. Helmerichs on grounds that he has been in jail in Canada.  This in itself is a human rights issue.  Ms. Chiang agreed to uphold the credibility of Mr. Helmerichs when she hired him hearing the story of what happened in Canada.  The story is summarized in the section LAF ENDORSES INSULT IN DEFENSE OF LAWYER AND CANADA.

The only reason to deny legal support to Mr. Helmerichs to correct the matter of ongoing fraud committed by Ms. Chiang is political.

The current charge of slander against Mr. Helmerichs for warning Ms. Chiang of the naturally ensuing complete destruction of her credibility if she does not make haste to work with Mr. Helmerichs is equally politically motivated.

Perhaps a political review of Taiwan's attempt to make China appear as a bully is necessary to better understand the strength that national media propaganda can have on public opinion.  Taiwan is, after all, set for a 9-in-1 election this upcoming November 24th.



On 18 Aug 2018, The Taipei Times reported Taiwan president Ms. Ing-Wen Tsai speaking from a welcoming dinner in Houston, Texas, "Tsai asks US Taiwanese to join in reform efforts". 

The Times also headlined "Laws being changed to aid trade partnership bid". 

Previously on 29 June 2018, the national Taiwan newspaper headlined Taiwan's Ministry accusing China of "hysterical" bullying.

In a large opinion piece on page 7, 18 Aug 2018, speaking of the mainland, the pro-Taiwan newspaper appeared to mock the mainland to state "China braces for 'new Cold War'".  There is no possibility of a "new Cold War" given the colossal ongoing human rights violations Taiwan prosecutors permit.

In the background of the political arena between Taiwan, mainland China, and The United States, the LAF challenges The People's Republic.  The underlying political premise must verify Taiwan's public assertion that China is not for human rights, when in fact the mainland is.

The LAF move undermines human rights initiatives currently begun in mainland China.

On 17 Aug 2018, the LAF confirmed its intent to continue to violate the international human rights code.  Mr. Helmerichs is left stranded in a foreign country amidst a language he cannot read and barely speaks, in a legal system that permits a large chain of private schools to openly continue to defraud its paying clients. 

Somehow, China must clue in to the fact that Taiwan can pose no political threat at all while Taiwan prosecutors permit LAF to make a mockery of its legal structure.

At minimum, the international human rights standard requires that an individual is permitted to take a photo of the document bearing all names of any parties included in the document.  One simple ground is the conflict of interest that results when any individual currently residing in Taiwan from mainland China, or any other nation, who cannot read the complicated Traditional Chinese characters, must sign a document that is only translated by an individual working for the organization demanding the signature.

For a look at necessary information to begin criminal proceedings of legal mal-practise against LAF lawyer Elsa Yang, see the courteous 17 Aug 2018 email submitted to LAF at

Ms. Yang is offered The Choice in a courteous follow-up email dated 20 Aug 2018 available at .



The current issue is the LAF, Legal Aid Foundation, support of anti-human rights.  Tainan City, Republic Of China, lawyer Ms. Elsa Yang is tasked to represent Mr. Helmerichs after ceasing communication with Mr. Helmerichs.  LAF encourages Mr. Helmerichs to cooperate with the unresponsive lawyer.

LAF is not currently willing to assist Mr. Helmerichs with ongoing legal support because its lawyer, Ms. Yang, is insulted that Canadian lawyers bungled their legal obligations.

In summary, City Of Barrie, Canada, police detective Brian Read filed the occurrence report BA12042846 dated 4 Sept 2012.  In the report, he attests Mr. Helmerichs is suspected of making bombs.  He also states that Mr. Helmerichs was arrested for criminal offences to ex-Mormon treasurer Natalie Yewchyn (now Natalie Kelloway, not given a trial, and locked into a Canada Criminal Code defined "prison" under the guise of mental health. 

Mr. Helmerichs subsequently received multiple forced injections.  The overseeing psychiatrist, Anjana Chawla, attempted to force a confession to the false allegations in October and November of 2012.

When Mr. Helmerichs insisted upon a trial for the allegations, he was arrested a second time.  Exactly 6 months had elapsed since the first arrest on 3 Sept 2012.  The formal charge was listed as indictable to be sure that the same information could be used. 

Ontario prosecutor Kathryn Hull, trial judge Gregory Mulligan, and cross-examining lawyer Uma Kancharla were knowing witnesses to false testimony of Mormon minister Matthew Swain and ex-Mormon treasurer Natalie Yewchyn.  Mr. Helmerichs submitted email evidence at trial to show that the witness were lying under oath.

For a more comprehensive (and ridiculously serious) look at the international human rights issue plaguing Canada, see the PRESS RELEASE at .



On 19 Aug 2018, in the office of Rene Helmerichs, Lindsay Hsiao stated to police officers 15160, 15026 (Peter's supervisor), and foreign affairs police officer Peter Ke, "What a joke.  I think this is all a joke."

Mr. Helmerichs assures the public that no part of this story is a joke.  It may appear ridiculous, but it is gravely serious.

Lindsay Hsiao is the first advocate for The International Church Of Loo defending for One China globally.  The church was first introduced in Story Of Loo available as .pdf document from .

The Chinese first global edition of Story Of Loo, incidentally, is the subject of LAF case file 1070620-C-012,

The Chinese edition does not contain the reference to Church Of Loo as the translation company, Wenzao University, violated the terms of the agreement to steal nearly 7000 nT$ (approximately $200 USD) from Rene Helmerichs before completing the contract.  This will be re-dressed in upcoming news updates.

The Coalition formally meets Mondays from 14h00 to 15h00, and Tuesday from 20h00 to 21h00 to discuss hot biblical questions.  It is a non-denominational group intent on bridging human rights with implied anti-human agreements currently in political play around the globe.  For the address, see Days Of Michael in The Choice Amidst The Argument In The Business Of Being Happy: an ongoing dissertation in support of a school to certify teachers for the text of A Course In Miracles, .

Ms. Hsiao did compliment police officer Peter Ke the following day, on 20 Aug 2018.  "He's a really nice man.  He asked if I felt safe with Rene Helmerichs.  He offered me to sleep at the Kaiyuan police station." 

Ms. Hsiao, and her perplexed husband, Mr. Helmerichs, who had entered the station with a domestic complaint against his person, are fed up with the misrepresentation of law in Taiwan, each in their own way.

Mr. Helmerichs and Ms. Hsiao regret preoccupying 3 Taiwan cops for over a solid hour with drama directly traced to that instigated by Ms. Chiang for Kidsland-Sesame Street.

Mr. Helmerichs formerly apologizes on behalf of his wife, whom Peter was so kind to take under his wing.  Mr. Helmerichs does ensure officers of law that one fact remains, "Where help is needed and not truly given, only a greater waste of time can possibly result."



University Of Columbia School Of Medicine professors wrote A Course In Miracles in the 1960s and 70s.  The book is widely accepted.  It teaches, "You are God!  And life is like a dream!".

Novice readers echo, "I am God!  I am God!" and quote the text to help its advertisement.

Advanced students begin to question the text, "I am God?"

Teachers in training for the book recognize, "No one here is God.  God commands the flesh like we play with playdoh."

Eventually, one recognizes so much more.  One understands the premise is always to assist, and to ask questions where there is confusion about how an action helps the whole.

Moses was quoted as following a sentient craft disguised as a cloud in Exodus 40:35-39, not spreading a sea with a staff.  Is it possible the same beings with advanced technology would have naturally wanted to share that technology recognizing all to share just one same mind? 

How does hypnosis work? 

Can a stronger mind take control of the weak for its own manipulative fun? 

Wouldn't the process of better relating naturally require a measure of safeguarding, until the idea of control is released into the understanding that authority is a shared responsibility for personal accountability, mutual and public benefit, and always with harm to none?

Why is there not a school designed to train the minds of teachers for a sentience that exists, but organizations the likes of The City Of Barrie courthouse refuse to acknowledge in defence of the Mormon premise that the idea of a common sentience should be pawned out for money?



Is it legal for a police officer to state that he does not have an identification number?

Is this really something that you feel all police officers for Taiwan should be permitted to do?

Are you aware that it leaves you without defence against frivolous police accusations?

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