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Shocking Real News: Sesame Street, Taiwan, China

Rene Helmerichs

Aug 8, 2018 — 

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Do you know someone at this school?  They published a book for their Winter Camp 2018.  We need a copy of that book.  We will buy it from you if you have an old copy.


Sesame Street in Tainan City, Taiwan (Republic Of China) is committing fraud.  They asked Rene Helmerichs (是瑞內老師) to hide facts from students' parents.  The school takes money from students' parents, but hides facts.  For example, doctors in Canada declared 瑞內 mentally disabled.  Mormoms accused 瑞內 of sex crimes and child abuse.  City Of Barrie, Ontario, Canada, police added terrorist suspicion when they told doctors that Rene was under investigation for allegedly making bombs.  Sesame Street vice president Clare Chiang (江佩樺) knew that 瑞內 was in several mental hospitals in Canada, and jail for many years.  She allowed 瑞內 to watch students overnight in a hotel room.  瑞內 was completely responsible for grade one and two students during an overnight school trip in 2017.  Do you think parents should know this?  瑞內 wanted to tell students' parents before the trip, but 江佩樺 demanded to keep it secret.  To deceitfully take money is called fraud.  But that is not the real news.

The real news is that 瑞內 actually did not commit a crime.  Mormons began rumours about 瑞內 in 2012.  Canada police believed the rumours and added their own.  Police claimed Rene was making bombs.  Police then put Rene into a mental hospital.  A mental hospital does not permit statements to be recorded.  瑞內 spent three more years trying to complain to everyone in Canada.  No one listened.  Police kept 瑞內 in jails and hospitals for three years.  They hoped 瑞內 would give up.

江佩樺 made an agreement with 瑞內 on 26 May 2017 in Tainan City, Taiwan.  The agreement was to support each other's reputation.  Rene needs your help to fix his reputation in Canada.  江佩樺 broke the agreement when she threatened to fire 瑞內.  瑞內 finally tried to tell students' parents on 20 Jan 2018.  江佩樺 dismissed 瑞內 immediately.  Sesame Street then used writing from 瑞內 without permission, and without telling anyone that it was from 瑞內.  In fact, Sesame Street has stolen the writing from hundreds of authors over the past 10 years.  Sesame Street never gives credit to authors, and plagiarizes without abandon.

瑞內 now needs your help.  江佩樺 began criminal proceedings against 瑞內.  She claims that 瑞內 is ruining her reputation.  That is only a misunderstanding.  江佩樺 is ruining her own reputation.  She is actually ruining the reputation of national Taiwan because this is an international issue.  江佩樺 is actually mentally disability because she thinks that she can convince the court that 瑞內 is dishonest.  However, 瑞內 is defending for justice.  This cannot be advertised UNLESS it is 100% true.

Please help Rene Helmerichs (是瑞內) to help Taiwan.  江佩樺 only hurts the international reputation of Taiwan.  瑞內 can help the international reputation because Canada commits very serious crimes against its public.  瑞內 has published court transcripts that show Canada permits its doctors to hide crucial facts.  Canada tries to help two doctors to hide the fact that those doctors (Liqat Ali and Anjana Chawla) are openly defrauding Canadians.  Mormons lied to police in 2012.  Police increased the rumour to keep Rene locked in mental hospitals.  Doctors teased Rene for trying to correct the Mormons.  Now Taiwan is mixed up in this. 

瑞內 needs a copy of the Winter Camp 2018 book.  If you know anyone at Sesame Street in Tainan City who might have a copy of that book, please contact Rene through Legal Aid Foundation at 06-228-5550.

瑞內 was a college teacher at Georgian College in Barrie.  瑞內 insisted to take this matter to public court.  The first trial judge, Gregory Mulligan, permitted Mormons to commit perjury at the trial for C-13-205-SR in Barrie in June 2014.  Everyone knew the Mormons were lying.  Mormons asked 瑞內 to advertise their church as the best church and 瑞內 refused.  瑞內 insists that God is equally with everyone.  瑞內 needs money to build a school to teach all churches that compassion is possible without churches.  Churches can help promote peace, or try to make war with 瑞內 over their teachings for God.

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8 Aug 2018

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