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Real gold for Taiwan

Rene Helmerichs

Sep 17, 2018 — 

Introducing... The 31 March 2019 March To End Madness (teaching robots to feel).


The outcome will be to make real goals.  If need be, that'll include making real gold.  More on that after solid grounds for the starting point of the March To End Madness this 31 March 2019!


Yide Lin (林義德) is a 70-year old man who sports a pony-tail to be different.  He owns 13 Sesame Street school branches, and a hospital.  He is like any other C.E.O.  He doesn't understand how to fix the mental disorders of the managers he employs.  The March is to begin in front of his Kidsland Sesame Street main branch.  Details below.


Here's an example of madness to mitigate.


Rene Helmerichs was hired as a teacher at Kidsland-Sesame Street for a two-year term starting 1 Aug 2017.  The owner was Yide Lin (林義德).  He told vice president Clare Chiang (江佩樺) that he was in jail in Canada to write a story, before they hired him.  The story unites science and religion.  Clare loved it, then she changed her mind and stupidity happened.


My name is Rene Helmerichs.  Santji, founder of The Himalayan Missionaries in Menomonie, Wisconsin, gave me the spiritual name Krishna Shir.  吳佩蓉 (Linda), Chinese author of Story Of Loo at said it translates roughly into 荷光者.  Google translates that one as "a lucky person". 


Normally, Taiwan law requires new teachers at schools to submit a criminal record check.  Of course, Kidsland Sesame Street wouldn't be able to hire me if Clare Chiang (江佩樺) followed that rule, so I suggested a way around it.  Clare listened.  As a reward, the requirement to submit a criminal record check was removed from the 26 May 2017 signed agreement.  Yide Lin (林義德) renewed the implicit agreement to work together on 28 Dec 2017.


I was officially fired in January 2018.  Clare Chiang (江佩樺) had the police begin criminal proceedings against me for slander as a result of my attempt to warn them that Yide Lin (林義德) is liable for the charge of fraud if they insist that I cannot share this story with clients of their Sesame Street mockery.


On 4 May 2018, Clare Chiang (江佩樺) told The Tainan City government why I was fired.  She claimed it was because I did not submit a criminal record check.  Ironically, by the time she fired me, I no longer needed to submit a criminal record check.  I didn't find that out until I applied for a job at CTBC's Tainan City School Of Business on 28 May 2018.


So... I was officially fired as a teacher in Taiwan because I didn't submit a piece of paper that my original contract did NOT require me to submit, and which my current status in the country also does not require me submit, or I surely wouldn't have a teaching position at a university right now.


Canadian doctors still claim me to be mentally ill.  For a background and the start of this story, refer to The Forgiving Piper Act I outline in the (.doc) Western Drama Course Intro at




About real gold:


It IS possible to make real gold.  I've written ideas in The Dissertation For Worldwide Peace at


Do you understand both gold and diamonds are naturally made the same way underground?


We can man-make diamonds artificially.  They are identical to natural diamonds in every way.  Why do you think that we cannot make gold?


There is a problem with gold.  Gold represents the idea behind money.  If a company makes gold, that company can build an international bank.  That bank will be independent from the rest of the world. 


First world governments cannot allow a poor country to make real gold.  The stock markets will tumble.  There will be bank-runs.  A bank-run means many people will withdrawal money because they fear the stock market will collapse. 


Banks leverage our money to buy stocks.  They buy far more stocks than the money they actually have.  With less money, they will need to sell stock and option positions quickly.  That will really cause the stock market to crash.  All of that can, and will, happen if a single person teaches a poor country how to make real gold.


Taiwan is a poor country.  Taiwan is also a rich country.  Taiwan was a founding member of The United Nations.  The United Nations kicked Taiwan out of its little club in 1971.  Instead, it invited China in.  China has a bigger economy.  China backs the United States dollar.  It invested heavily into the U.S.A. when major banks forced Bear Sterns, also a major bank, into bankruptcy. 


How did major banks crash the stock market in 2008? 


They refused to trade stocks with Bear Sterns over a principle disagreement.  The C.E.O. of Bear Sterns decided to support the struggling people, instead of the rich robots who are still learning what compassion means.


Personally, I watched my own FOREX account balloon from zero to 13 million U.S. dollars from March 2009 to 4 June 2009 as a direct result of the 2008 stock market crash.  Ok, I was playing insight from dreams to better understand myself and mind, but still.  If I, a simple college teacher, could do that what do you think experienced international bankers could do?  I did lose it to greed shortly thereafter, but the point was made and the lesson accepted as something to be forgiven.


We face a new problem.  I believe I can make real gold.  The knowledge is threatening; it does not need to be received as such.  We can mitigate this madness, but only together.


Here is what we're going to do.  We are going to HELP create The Holy Grail award.  This award is briefly explained in a document sent to my currently employer last week.  My direct supervisor's name is Ms. Lee.  Find a copy of my email to her at the bottom of the (.doc) at


Included in the document is a recount of the current argument between China and Taiwan:

China is not incorrect to reclaim public dominion over the government of Taiwan if Taiwan cannot better manage its own house.  However, I think we will agree that The Holy Grail solution is conveniently only helpful to every nation of the world.  China has authority to take control of Taiwan, without military force, in international court if Taiwan doesn't get its own house in order.


The issue is the lack of respect Taiwanese officials (officially Republic Of China robots) are demonstrating to allow China an international human rights lawsuit against Taiwan under the Nuremberg Principles.  The grounds are summarized in the 7 Sept 2018 petition update "The Forgiving Piper Act II: act to help Taiwan too!" at


Previous updates contain more specific information, as does the book, The Choice: unbecoming conduct of Canada and China officials at


The entire province of Tainan City, Taiwan, is allowing Yide Lin (林義德), owner of a hospital and 13 branches of the Kidsland-Sesame Street school group, to openly commit fraud.  That's a mockery to The Ministry Of Education in Taiwan, unless, of course, Taiwan cares more about money--in which case, China can end it.


The names of arguing members change, but the arguments stay the same until they are truly solved. 


Taiwan renamed its provinces according to their former principal cities, to be the territory of the city, and then cut the smaller cities into "districts" of the group "city".  This was done to prevent, or delay, the hostile military assault that mainland China is still planning in the years to come. 


We'll need to work together.




The 31 March 2019 March To End Madness




Kidsland Sesame Street

No. 6, Lane 32, Section 2, Zhangrong Road, East District, Tainan City, 701





31 March 2019, at 13h00




A walk.  A bicycle ride, a make-a-team-buggy-challenge ride, a pull-a-dog-in-a-wagon skate!




Free!  (But we'll be raising money for support, and plugging for sponsorships!)




It furthers the Holy Grail solution.


I began this petition on 26 Dec 2017, "Boxing Day" in Canada.  I went to CTBC near the Kidsland Sesame Street main branch to begin advertising.  CTBC obliged, and called Yide Lin (林義德) with a threat: "If Rene does not lower the video he took in our bank from the internet, we will sue your school."


Kidsland vice president Clare Chiang (江佩樺) answered the call.  She went crazy.  She unleashed Denise Madness (the English name of her choosing; Chinese: 徐乙彤) on me.  Denise was pretty cool.  I'm still waiting for a few other promises Denise made, to be fulfilled.  On 26 May 2017, Denise told me she was "The 7/11 for foreigners." and "If something happens that I haven't seen, I'll quit."


On 28 Dec 2017, manger Denise, and cohort manger Stacy Huang (黃姿瑜), had the audacity to threaten to fire me if clients of their massive enterprise discovered my past.  If Ms. Chiang (江佩樺) was trying to hide the crime they didn't commit when they removed the national requirement of a criminal record check, they failed miserably.  The result of officially dismissing me without just cause is a civil suit.


The Legal Aid Foundation for Taiwan gave me a lawyer to take Yide Lin (林義德) to court.  Evidently I'm owed 1.5 years of salary.  Clare Chiang (江佩樺)  was kind enough to increase my salary, give me better working hours, the most paid days off that any foreigner probably has every had in the first 6 months, and extended the original proposal an unnecessary second year.


The idea behind this greater story is that we share one mind.  Because we share one mind, we know we can accomplish our dreams!  My dream is to end confusion about this tiny three-letter idea currently displayed as "omg".  If God, then full access to any knowledge a common sentience would need to teach psychiatrists that "mind" cannot be altered with a potion or pill unless they first dupe the masses into submitting to their tyrannous rule.  Government sponsored media determines our accepted perceptions.


Only tyrants tell us "No, you cannot.  I do not give you permission to solve all your problems."


Have you seen the latest United Nations documentary, Backstabbing For Beginners (2018)? 


The United Nations is a cess pool for thievery on a scale so large it is not stoppable UNLESS we either 1) agree to work together; or 2) someone mass produces real gold in Taiwan.  If I do that, it'll be to re-make The United Nations in an equanimous image.


Think The U.N. isn't still facing internal unorthodox corruption?  Taiwan was a founding country for The United Nations.  It never wanted to leave.  Why would The U.N. refuse Taiwan reports from covering its news? 


Let us end the corporate greed governing The United Nations.


This is a Walk For Sanity.  It begins on 31 March 2019 at 13h00. 


We walk in the spirit of joy.  The same spirit for which we long when tyrants tell us, "No, you cannot."


Incidentally, the elites affecting the coup d'état that dropped The World Trade towers with international support is not unlike the black ops that had president John F. Kennedy killed for wanting to end worldwide wars.  This is described exquisitely to Kevin Costner in the movie "JFK".  They'll surely be quite happy with The Mormon Community Of Christ false minister and ex-treasurer who helped us begin this story back in 2012. 


The public explanation for The Holy Grail solution was sent to the Taiwan Executive Yuan.  Find confirmation also linked at the bottom of that earlier (.doc) .


The walk will start at Kidsland Sesame Street in Tainan.  I would personally enjoy the walk with Grandpa Lin (Yide Lin; 林義德).  His contact details are also in the 7 Sept 2018 petition update "The Forgiving Piper Act II, act to help Taiwan" at


The walk will pass the CTBC branch that helped to set Clare Chiang and her Kidsland managers off in the wrong direction.  It'll end at Tainan City Hall. 


Exact route details for The 31 March 2019 March To End Madness will be posted closer to the date, 31 March 2019.  Sign the petition to stay up to date!


It's a walk to show support to work together.  While we walk, we'll talk.  We'll talk to understand our thinking.  We'll talk to dream, #talk2dream of course!


Our thinking stops us to solve our problems, given a singular eternal sentience does truly exist.  Eternal must always be the same, always trying to help each of us solve our difficulties! 


The real question is, will church leaders accept it? 


A church that accepts this pledge to end confusion about the word "mind", worldwide, will show support.  Our minds are already eternal.  Muslim, Mormon, and me alike, we needn't attend a special bath to vanquish hateful spirits.  We need only invite them in to help us drop a viral advertising bomb on The World Bank for The U.N. to yield to the fact that all countries deserve equal status given One God.


A church that will not support this little Story For Life is a business that should be reported to the government, to have its tax shelter privileges revoked.  Is your church even registered as an official business?  The Executive Yuan should ensure that each one is.  Honesty must prevail.


We'll need sponsors for the walk. 


We have signs to make, businesses to contact, students to rally, churches to partner!  We also have student university fees that some of us cannot pay, while they work to rally all of Taiwan into a commonly sustainable cause.  There is so much to do!


The Holy Grail Award is a cup like The Stanley Cup for hockey teams, and a prize like The Nobel Prizes.  Miracle University presents the award annually.  Rene Helmerichs (me) is in charge of its organization.  It will be given the church that demonstrates the most excellence to its community. 


Warning: genius-level thinking is not like normal thinking.  It involves a measure of auto-respect-for-others as well as the desire to actually work together, Mr. Yide Lin (林義德).  See Yide's philosophy copied into the picture of the 17 Sept 2018 petition update at


This is an annual event, and an annual award!  The idea is to find the best church, globally, nationally, and maybe provincially (for large countries like India and China) in any year to help struggling churches better understand our common eternal sentience means only to end struggles with harm to none, or God would be a self-defeating idiot.


Under our personal problems are the bigger problems.  We consider them to be unconscious to us.  They do exist as a collective quasi-cultural sentience.  The biggest problems are global.  This biggest is the lack of international legal definition for the word "mind".  That's the global problem.  It is causing governments to pay a lot of money to companies who try to make cure-all pills.  See the 29 Aug 2018 petition update "Ending Terror" for information about that at


If we believe in ourselves, then we believe we all share one true mind, in the end as at the start!


We cannot solve our problems without talking about them.  Otherwise, we would be mind-readers-and-writers, and not in need of pills!  Irrespective of our personal beliefs, we are firstly able to self-hypnotise for our separate realities or common goals.  "Your will be done, my friend, on earth as it is in heaven, because in heaven do all minds serve the same one goal happily, and that goal is always sustainable."


Doctors tell us pills help us think?  What's next, pills for math, and pills to magically bestow English conversation skills better than the auto-translators of the future can provide?  So... give a baby a pill at birth and watch all knowledge fill its tiny brain?  The brain simply does not think.  It is a CPU.  It is not the source of the electrical current that makes our avatars move.


Thinking solves problems.  If thinking is the problem, we still need to talk about it to solve it. 



Join This Walk For Joy to end the waste of taxes.  Tell your government!  Tell political candidates!  Tell the churches and the schools and the mosques and the people you see on the street at the mall, or waiting for the garbage truck, or on a bike stopped at a light!  Help governments stop the waste of taxes spent chasing mind-altering potions and pills.  Sign up for The Miracle March in this or any of these petition updates:


29 Aug 2018 - Ending Terror


7 Sept 2018 - The Forgiving Piper: Act II (An example of government-condoned nonsense)


10 Sept 2018 - Miracle U




Rene Helmerichs


17 Sept 2018



A side-show:


For Mr. Trump, referencing New World Order's Let's Start WWIII parody, with tribute to their assertion "We are all one." at


Mr. Trump wants America, a land-mass spanning two continents, to be under his command.  His intention is to put it first.  Since it's a subset of the whole, let's help him achieve his goal!  Together we'll show him there is no first or last, but those that seek to be like he, we CAN help to win FIRST at last (place)! 




From the book A Course In Miracles:


Into eternity where all is one, there crept a tiny mad idea at which the son of God remembered not to laugh.  In his forgetting did the idea become both possible, and plausible, and the real effects remembered not for the idea that cannot last.




The source of all confusion in any universe:


The word "not" is the source of all confusion in the world.  It's also the only concept common to everyone that no one will ever be able to define, because none but any who stand both first AND last can say, "I know this, because I understand both sides, and still tell you there exists a third choice that you cannot ever see.  Partner with me.  You'll have done no wrong to release yourself of the stupidity of the limits others would place upon our eternal reality."  I think it was Krishna, an early avatar of Vishnu, that said that, yes?  More or less, in the Bhagavad Gita?  I think I remember reading it there in my residency at the Menomonie, Wisconsin, Himalayan Missionaries ashram in 2001.  @Santji


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