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Help stop the starvation and abuse of animals in TN

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I ask that you take a few minutes to watch this heartbreaking video and help us bring the changes needed to stop this abuse, get help for the animals once the abuse is reported, and bring the criminal abusers to justice which unbelievably is not currently happening. To do that we need your help. I am sure you will also find this behavior deplorable and immoral and goes against what we as Tennessee and US residents want our state and country to be viewed as by others. Sadly this shows cases from Warren County, TN and Van Buren County, TN but this is happening in every county in Tennessee.

The video contains graphic pictures of abused and neglected horses and livestock. I know it is hard to watch but these Animals deserve you to see their suffering and abuse. Please do them justice and watch so you can see how much they suffered and how no one from The University of Tennessee, Sheriff department, District Attorney or Extension Agent helped them and why we MUST see changes so this sick abuse stops and those who abuse and starve are punished. Unbelievably the University of Tennessee Agents make APPOINTMENTS to investigate the abuse once 911 is called and of course Dean Cross told me that "You cannot abuse a dead horse" What is wrong with Universities today and why is abuse of any kind swept under the rug. Sadly this abuse happens all too often and with the current laws and procedures no one is being held accountable, No Help is being provided. We need your help so no other horses or livestock go through this neglect and abuse. This abuse must stop and with your help we can make that happen. Please contact your congressman and ask for them to help fix this immoral abuse and neglect. We have worked for over a year with the current procedures and have had meetings and done everything asked of us seeking a way to get help but there is a flaw in the system that needs your immediate help, an executive order followed by permanent legislation and changes to the University of Tennessee procedures that include in their brochure that they make APPOINTMENTS. I know that together we can get these animals the protection they deserve and that the public expect. Sadly all of these cases are just from February 2012 to July 2012.

"I am not afraid to stand for justice, not afraid to speak up for the abused and the forgotten, if no one will listen, I will not stop until their suffering is heard. I will not look into the eyes of another dying animal and let their suffering continue with no one helping, or no one held accountable. To know this is happening yet do nothing, to know that they die without any justice, will not be allowed to go on unchallenged any longer "

Thanks and we look forward to your support and help bringing about these changes to the laws and current system that is not protecting the animals. Together we can stop this suffering and abuse.
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Governor Haslam &
Your local congressmen

University of Tennessee
Tim Cross, Dean
UT Extension

2621 Morgan Circle, Room 121
Knoxville, TN 37996
(865) 974-7114 voice
(865) 974-1068 fax

Warren County District
Criminal Office
455 N. Chancery Street
McMinnville, TN 37110
Phone: (931) 473-9572

Tennessee Department of
Ellington Agricultural Center
P.O. Box 40627
Nashville, TN 37204
(615) 837-5103

Honorable District Attorney Lisa Zavagiannis:

131 East Main Street
McMinnville, TN 37110
Phone: (931) 473-9572
Fax: (931) 473-7410



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