Help investigate the genocide in Nepal during Maoist uprising and give justice to the vic.

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From about 1996 till 2006, Nepal, then a known peaceful country went through a civil war. Many of Nepalese lives were lost, from both sides of the conflict. Citizens were slaughtered mercilessly. Many families are still seeking justice.

Now, we are all human beings, and we move on, get along with our lives. Politics is dirty; those who should be charged with criminal offences play key parts in politics. BUT, those families whose dads or brothers or sisters or sons or daughters never returned home..... they are still hoping justice will be served. They however have no voice.

So, it's now the time we take a step back, and investigate, unbiased, whether it was a criminal offence, whether it was a genocide, and who is responsible and give justice to those who are quietly suffering.