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He Helped Police Solve Murder Crimes! Don't Deport Charbel Chehoud

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URGENT Update [Wed. 1/11/12]: Charbel is set to be deported TODAY. 


Can you spare a minute to call Field ICE Supervisor Raquel Martinez at 973-776-3281 and ask for Charbel’s release? Here is a sample script you can use:

"Hi, my name is ______ and I'm calling to ask that you cancel the deportation of Charbel (Char-bell) "Charlie" Chehoud (Chay-hood). His A number is 094-115-104. I agree with New Jersey police that he should be freed after helping them solve high-profile crimes. Thank you."

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"Charbel Chehoud helped NJ police solve crimes, including a brutal murder. Now he's facing deportation back to a country where he fears for his life - and he could be deported TODAY. Help his fiance Veronica keep Charbel here. Please SIGN & SHARE" 


Charbel Chehoud arrived in the United States on a valid visa escaping religious persecution in Lebanon more than 30 years ago. As a Christian, he was a target for harassment, prejudice and even violence. After he escaped to the United States, he married a US citizen and applied for asylum, but the marriage broke up before he obtained a green card.


A few years ago, a former co-worker confessed witnessing a murder to Chehoud. Knowing that he risked his life and everything and everyone that he knew and loved in the United States, Chehoud bravely went forward to New Jersey police and gave them the information that helped law enforcement solve a high-profile case that would have gone cold without Chehoud’s assistance. "Police and prosecutors say the tip from Charbel Chehoud, who wasn’t involved in the [case], was so critical to solving the case, he should be allowed to stay in the United States."

Since then, Chehoud has worked as an undercover for New Jersey law enforcement and helped solve multiple cases. During one operation, he was undercover with a New Jersey Police Detective when his car broke down and he missed a court date, leading to a judge ordering him deported. 

New Jersey prosecutors and police have asked ICE not to deport Charbel Chehoud, but he is nevertheless being held in detention in solitary confinement and ICE will likely be trying to deport him as early as Wednesday. He has resisted earlier deportations because he fears for his life—his brother was killed in July 2011 in a suspicious auto-pedestrian accident in Beirut.

Charbel Chehoud is currently engaged to a U.S. citizen and has a pending asylum case in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. He is not subject to mandatory detention, has no criminal record, and needs to remain the U.S. in order to move forward with his immigration case. Tell ICE that someone who has risked his life to keep New Jersey citizens safer deserves to stay in the country he calls home.

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