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Outdated Child support equality for both parents!

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In 1975 Child support enforcement was put into place don't you think this law may be outdated? Currently many couples seek divorce and fight over who is custodial parent. A good amount of the time the mother is automatically granted this in Texas. Do you think it is right and fair that because a couple decides to end their marriage that one is forced to be the every other weekend parent and maybe a dinner date during the week? There are even circumstances where parents share 50/50 visitations and the non-custodial is still paying a ridiculous amount of Child Support! This petition is calling for Texas to bring equality to both parents! Unless the non-custodial parent is a deadbeat that does not want to see their kids both parents should share equal amount of time and CS should be dramatically reduced or be nothing! A couples marriage that ends should be just that! The non-custodial parent should not be supporting the custodial parent that ended with their marriage! The pain of divorce is one thing it's even worse when one parent is granted more time with the children and the other is forced into a horrible schedule with limited time to see their children! Help me fight for equal rights and fairness so both parents can live their lives, see their children equally and stop CS abuse!

Standard rights should inculde granted that both parents are in a sane state of mind and does not pose a threat to the children:

1. 50/50 visitations equal time for parents!

2. Fair Child support or none at all! Each parent has to live, if both decide to end the marriage supporting one another is over. Both parents should work just as hard as the other and both should be required to hold a job to their education level! Example: what if both parents make close to equal amount why should one parent have to give up x amount when both can equally support the child?

3. If one parent makes a lot more money then the other then the courts should look at what the non-custodial parent makes compared to the custodial and see how much time the non-custodial can spend with their child and determine a fair amount of CS or even have no child support at all, the standard 20% for 1, 25% for 2 etc should be done away with.

I believe if the system was fair then we would see dramatic changes in divorce rates and ripped apart families. If parents knew they couldn't use the kids as leverage if they won custody I think couples would try harder to make their marriage work! Children should never be used as leverage on the other parent! It is not normal no matter if it is divorce or 2 people having a baby together to exile one parent!

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