Shut Down Marghazar Zoo, Islamabad

Shut Down Marghazar Zoo, Islamabad

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Marghazar Zoo is Islamabad fails to meet the standards for the safety and protection of animals. Over time, the zoo has lost the capability to protect its animals. And the condition is worsening every day.

In 2019 alone, 48 birds, 8 Blue bulls (Nilgai), 4 lioness cubs, a deer and few monkeys passed away. Just recently the Himalayan Brown bear passed away because of a tumor. Today, the lioness passed away while being shifted and the lion was burnt to death because of a fire started by Zoo's own administration. 

You may know Kavan, the elephant who became an international symbol of mistreatment in this zoo. The poor elephant has been here since 1985. Poor Kavan lost his partner in 2012 and has been miserable since. 

Clearly, the conditions are worsening everyday. We have loved this animals but they are neither happy nor healthy anymore. The only solution is to shut down this place and shift animals to a healthy environment. Marghazar Zoo needs to be shut down!


(Sources : Bear and Lioness News from Dawn official website, the news about the lion along with the video which is heartbreaking was showed in 9 pm Bulletin of Hum News today)