Animal Rights

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As every minute passes by in Pakistan, the violation of basic animal rights increases! Animal torture is becoming extremely common to witness even in the most educated and superior segments across this country. These harmless creatures who can not even speak up for the pain they are caused, are harassed, murdered, mutilated, banished and tortured on a daily basis and there is no punishment being awarded to the doers. Puppies & kittens are being raped, donkeys and horses are used for heavy load transportation, monkeys are used for entertainment purposes in markets and even insects are being mutilated for meat purposes! There are no eyes being batted towards these issues as animal lives are considered far too inferior to our own. No authority here is even slightly bothered of what’s called the violation of BASIC animal rights that are included in the charter and constitution of Pakistan. Animal cruelty needs to stop and the doers need to be punished just as they are for committing other crimes.