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Government of Massachusetts: Legalize Industrial Hemp Agriculture


This initiative will reduce the overall Carbon footprint. Hemp plants breathe in 4 times more CO2 than Trees, and  hemp crop matures up to 10 times faster than tree forest. Hemp's fiber should be a substitute for cotton, paper, oil, & material etc. The legalization of hemp farming will create a new job sector which will benefit the economy. Hemp is a strain of the Cannabis plant that does not produce a "high" when smoked because it lacks the psychoactive ingredient THC. #Occupyhemp is the movement! Please visit for more educational infographics!

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Massachusetts State Senate
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My signature on this petition is to recognize the proven benefits of Hemp. Please pass the hemp farming bill, H.823, introduced on 1/22/2013 to legalize Industrial Hemp Agriculture. George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson were Presidents quoted in support of industrial hemp agriculture. Hemp is the best solution to ease global warming problems. This petition should enable the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to act urgently in response, and pass legislation to re-legalize hemp production.

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