Increase Penalty on Animal Cruelty

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The penalty for animal abuse is less than the price of an ice cream. People get away with henious crimes because 10-50 Rs isn't really a big amount for killing an animal. We need people to see that animal lives MATTER. People can't get away with crap like this. They need to Pay The Price!

The police barely give importance to animal lives. Stray dogs are killed everyday. Social media infuriates us all. But that's it. Nothing happens and those murderers roam amongst us without a damn to give. This needs to stop now! Make your voice count. We need to be stricter with laws regarding Animal Rights. We are done listening to pointless debates. Let's debate the real issue here. 

Join this petition to be heard. Make it better for the homeless dogs who are run over by sadists and goddamn ruthless beings.

Increase the penalty. Strengthen the laws. Put people behind bars for more than just a summer break duration. 2 months is no penalty for killing an innocent being. Let the animals be justified.

We will not be quiet anymore!