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Ban Eligio Bishop from YouTube and Facebook for promoting child sex abuse and pedophilia.

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Eligio Bishop, also known as "Natureboy", has an account with YouTube under the username "Eligio NatureboyTV". On August 17, 2017, Mr. Bishop uploaded a video on YouTube claiming he has sex in front of his children, has sex with the mother of the child while she's breastfeeding, as well as allows his son to play with his penis even after sex with the child's mother, which all are clearly forms of child sex abuse. He describes such behavior as "pure" and "natural" thus promoting it to his followers. He believes we adults have the right to be fully nude around children and allow them to touch our genitals, and he pushes this disturbing ideology among his followers. This is completely unacceptable. 

He encourages pedophilia and child sex abuse as something that should be considered pure and believes it should be normalized because it's "part of nature". The promotion and encouragement of sexually abusive behavior towards minors or anybody of any age of that matter should not be at all tolerated on social media or any public forum. Saying this, Eligio Bishop, a self-admitted sex offender and pedophile, should NOT be allowed to have an account with YouTube, Facebook, or any popular social media for this reason.

Below here are links to his social media pages, including Facebook and YouTube: 




Below, we provide the YouTube video link where he admits to committing various sex abuse acts to his children. Please start the video from the 30 minute mark if you want hear his confession:

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