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Free Bottled Water for Security-Widefield, CO

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My aunt has been unknowingly drinking contaminated water for decades, and local officials are avoiding responsibility for finding a solution. The magnitude of this problem is huge -- 80,000 residents in Security-Widefield, CO area learned, after the EPA changed contamination standards for perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) in drinking water, that their water is unsafe. The local government needs to provide clean water to residents immediately. When my aunt got the official notice stating her water was non-potable, she thought of her pregnant daughter and grandchildren who had recently visited. She worries about the effects of the PFCs on her grandchildren and daughter’s unborn baby -- including developmental delays, low birth weight, cancer, liver damage, and immune deficiencies. All of the wells in my aunt’s town are contaminated and she now has to resort to buying bottled water for drinking and cooking. This is unbelievable. The local government of Security-Widefield, Colorado, needs to provide free jugs and bottles of water for residents. As Colorado moves into the hot, dry summer months, conditions in Security-Widefield will become critical. While the underlying problem needs to be addressed and long-term plans need to be instituted, they need a short-term solution: safe drinking and cooking water. These residents need the the local government to step in and help! If you would like to donate to our fundraiser for clean bottled water you can do that here: Please sign and share!

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