Approve closing the Seminole landfill in Dekalb County Georgia for our health.

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The Seminole landfill in Dekalb County has affected the health of my community for far too long. It is time to put a stop to this landfill and relocate it to a better area. Its presence has affected the physical and mental health of the residents in the surrounding communities, as well as the health of our pets and local wildlife. 

Every day it stinks. It has only gotten worse overtime. Before, it might have been every other day that the stench wafted through our communities, but now it is every day. I have stayed in a neighborhood that is in very close proximity for 20 years. When we first moved here, we were told that the landfill would be relocated very soon. Never happened. Instead, I have seen this landfill grow into a mountain––no exaggeration. As soon as you arrive in the area, you will see it.  

I watched a YouTube video on the history of Seminole landfill and it has been here since 1977 (here is a link Since 1977? They never had any intention of moving. Did DeKalb County feel it was reasonable to the poison the people of Ellenwood and its surrounding areas? The hundreds of thousands of people’s garbage that arrives at Seminole is combusted into methane gas, slowly killing us from the inside out.

After doing my research on the environmental effects of methane gas and landfills, I am enraged! I will no longer be silent. It is cruel exposure to my community, family, friends and pets. Landfill exposure affects our soil and water. Methane gases cause cancer and other health issues (e.g. balance, heart and mental deprivation). Landfills and methane gases even have an unknowing effect on our relationships. Think about your sense of smell!

Please! Help out my community by signing this petition. Help us get one step closer to relocating this monster landfill, far away from the communities of color they seem to be alright with poisoning. It is very destructive and cannot be allowed any longer. I implore you to help save my community and bring awareness to other communities that have been plagued with this issue. Help us preserve our families, loved ones, and our environment so that we can all live healthy, safe lives.