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Defund Child Welfare, Dependency, and Family courts destruction of Families!

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I want to inform you about the all too common violations occurring in Broward County and the South Florida area. The judicial system in conjunction with Broward County's System of Care choose to victimize its families through coercion, intentional civil and constitutional rights violations under “color of the law”, and by unnecessarily interfering in the right to parent.  Many parents are being harassed by Child Protective Services on a daily basis, even being arrested. There has been a rise in the number of warrantless removals of children from parents for not conforming to the falsification of non-evidentiary allegations. Why are so many families falling prey to Child Protective Services kid jacking and the Department of Children & Families as well as the Family Court System?  These entities financially benefit from incentivized adoptions, child support, and foster placements in the form of federal dollars via Title IV-D and Title IV-E funding.  The rate of misappropriation of funds due to these agencies maneuvering is mind blowing! 

Facilities are facing overcrowding of living quarters due to excessive removals of children and agencies are unable to sufficiently provide services to children because caseloads are busting at the seams. Children in foster placements are more likely to face abuse for the first time. The agencies conspire to try to cover up reported abuse that occurs within the foster care system. Parents are being forced by the Department of Children and Families/ChildNet to abridge their freedom of Speech, freedom to exercise religious beliefs and practices, and infringe upon parental rights when fully intact. There has been repeated and documented falsification of documents and excessive abuse of discretion, abuse of power and authority, continuous violations of due process rights and civil rights, perjury, harboring and allowing abusers and government employees to break the laws and make up their own rules. There is no system of checks and balances to assure that these agencies are conforming and adhering to Chapter 39 of the Florida Statutes and lack adherence to Florida Rules of Civil Procedure.   

Court appointed lawyers are in on the “racket” and do not even attempt to adequately defend these parent victims leaving them all but defenseless!  When the parents do attempt to clear their names, and seek help by reporting violations they are retaliated against and further impositions and restrictions are placed on them and their children (e.g. decreased visits, increased supervision, court ordered “evaluations”, classes, and mandatory therapy, negative case write ups, etc.).  These agencies egregious and tyrannical behavior needs to be persecuted under the RICO Act.  

We need your assistance to bring justice for the residents of Broward County before any further damage is done. In the last two years alone there have been many documented and preventable deaths of children within the system's care. Please hear our plea for help to protect our children's best interest and well-being and to choose family preservation as the best option. The residents, citizens, and taxpayers of Broward County deserve equality and justice in this nation and demand change to fix this broken and unjust systems.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. Your actions, decisions, and efforts will be deeply appreciated and will pay it forward in our shared community!

 Sincerest Regards

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