Reclaim Keswick Island Before It Is Lost Forever

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We are calling for the federal government to put in place legislation to rescind leaseholders within our Queensland Islands, especially those that are National Parks, in particular Keswick Island which has a National Park that is locked off to the public and whose access is being both tampered with and denied by the leaseholder/and or representatives creating safety hazards for its residents.  

The ecological protections of the island have furthermore been breached through the destruction of turtle nests which impacts on the turtle protection program. In addition, breaches, such as unauthorised tree removal are currently occurring and we ask that this be stopped immediately.  As an island nation we want the current situation reversed for the benefit of all Australians.

This behaviour is unacceptable and completely un-Australian.  Our National Parks should be accessible by the community at any time.  Pleases sign the petition to support this worthy cause.