Stop Scam Against Hispanic Immigrants - Authorities Come Investigate Terrenos Houston!

Stop Scam Against Hispanic Immigrants - Authorities Come Investigate Terrenos Houston!

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Started by Victoria Acosta

Faced with mafia-like harassment, rampant crime, and flooded, garbage-strewn land, thousands of mostly immigrant families are fed up with the criminal acts of a certain developer in the Houston area. Many say they’ve lost their life savings - duped out of tens of thousands of dollars – all at the hands of this mob-boss-like enterprise that targets and rips off Hispanic families (and others) in Texas. That’s why we need your help. It’s time to take a stand against the criminals at Colony Ridge and Terrenos Houston. They have literally taken everything from the families who invested in – and/or live in - their poorly planned and executed residential developments, piled high with garbage and marred by flooding. The infrastructure issues alone could be cause for a petition. But this goes so much further. In many cases buyers there were asked to make money-order payments at their office dropbox and were fully relieved of their life savings (tens of thousands of dollars in many cases) as part of this shoddy real estate scam – never to step foot in the land they thought they were buying or building on - or forced to live in extremely poor conditions in this Third World-like neighborhood rife with crime, including child sex trafficking, prostitution, and drug dealing. Complain? Those who dare, report that they are harassed and bullied by representatives of the development company that owns Terrenos Houston and Colony Ridge. It all comes down to one man – a certain John Harris – who is the owner and founding developer of the company. He’s in charge and engages in practices that are destroying lives. 

Here’s how one of the scams works:

Harris & Co. ask people to make payments at their office dropbox with no teller involved, or in-person receipt of their payments. Once they collect your life savings they’ve made it easy for you to line their pockets with tens of thousands of dollars you may never see again – and have nothing to show for in the future – according to residents who say they were taken by this group of developers. So in other words they either take the money and then claim you NEVER PAID or they give you land that is a nightmare to live in. Now, hundreds of residents and would-be residents of Harris’ developments trying to get their money back from Harris & Co. But we need to do more. It’s time to stop the madness and help yourself and your fellow citizens put a stop to these crimes. We want authorities to become involved at the local, state, and federal level. Your signature, which takes just seconds to add, can help us reach elected officials and law enforcement and get justice for these beleaguered citizens. Thank you for helping justice to be served with your quick signature. Please visit us at to learn more. 


There are people who are making their payments, and yet the Colony Ridge company claims that they have not done so and proceeds to repossess their land to keep it or sell it to others.


Lack of drainage planning has caused flooding for residents and flood problems for surrounding communities that have been in that territory for generations.


Harris & Co. have intimidated residents of the surrounding communities with lawsuits and other practices when those residents have tried to resolve the situation of flooding and garbage encroaching on their homes. 



422 have signed. Let’s get to 500!