European leaders, do NOT recognise results of the presidential elections in #Belarus.

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Belarusians are asking for your help. Our story is no longer the one of fear, but of hope.

Belarus held Presidential elections on August 9th. By official pre-results Lukashenko got over 80% of the votes, but independent exit polls all international polling stations report 80% result of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the opposition leader.

In response to rigged results, hundreds of thousands of Belarusians across the country went into the streets last night. Over 3000 people were detained in clashes with the police, one was reported killed.

We only wanted fair count of our votes, but instead were met with rubber bullets and tear gas grenades. Lukashenko blocked Internet access last night, making it hard for Belarusians coordinate actions and contact relatives. We do not know if they are safe.

Can you imagine that in your country the presidential candidates and their families are arrested only because they were bold enough to step up and run for President? That their families would secretly send their children abroad just to make sure they are not grabbed by KGB? That you are not allowed to vote and if you stand in line you are grabbed by the special police units?

The current president has been in power for 26 years. No way so much power can remain in the same person's hands in a democratic way. It is power based on fear, corruption and non-stop KGB detentions. Only since May, several hundred people, including human rights defenders and journalists, as well as passers-by, have been arrested during peaceful gatherings across the country calling for free and fair elections.

In Belarus, you can be detained just for sharing this petition. It is not safe for us to speak up. But the current regime is also not safe for all of you too, no matter where you live. A country that does not cooperate with other countries, builds nuclear plants without proper permissions, hides international criminals, serves as a buffer for controversial deals with other non-democratic states - is not safe for all of you, too.

That is why these elections are important. 

But we really need the help of the European and other Governments to put serious international pressure on the Belarusian authorities.

  • Ask your Government NOT TO RECOGNISE officially the rigged election results of last night.
  • Demand from Lukashenko to release of all 3000 detained Belarusians and the political prisoners (including presidential candidates and their families). 

Now more than ever hundreds of thousands of Belarusians are not afraid to speak up for change, journalists, TV presenters and other public people are in the streets protesting all over the country.

Please sign and share. Thank you.