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Adopt the mandatory quota of 40% women on Boards for 2020

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Today, women represent over 60% of college students in Europe. Yet, as we climb the stairs to positions of greater responsibility, the presence of women decreases flagrantly. Today, very unfortunately women constitute less than 20% of the corporate boards of major European companies.  Yet, fortunately, today we have the means to change this status quo, to improve the situation.

The European Commission and the European Parliament have proposed a solution, establishing a mandatory rule: in late 2020, large companies must have 40% women on their boards. A big step forward. But it remains for the European Council to approve this measure, and we are over a year waiting. Why? Because there are important business groups lobbying against it. A document of last November 25, drafted by the lobbyist "Business Europe", proposed to the new Commission to withdraw the initiative and to not force to impose such quotas.

Sign this petition and ask the European Council to adopt a mandatory quota of 40% women on the Boards for 2020 >>

I had to fight hard to become vice president of a major European telecommunications company.  And like me, many women have fought to occupy the rightful place according to our training, experience and ambition in the labor market. We had to give up many things, including time we could have devoted to our children and our families. We are aware of the sacrifices that we have made,  and we feel obliged to facilitate this path for the younger generations and, from the positions of responsibility that we now hold, exert all the necessary influence to ensure that there will be equal opportunities for women who have the necessary experience, and that they will obtain a fair remuneration for their work.

But this applies not only to us women,  it is a serious economic and social problem affecting both men and women.  There is widespread evidence that the organizations applying gender diversity are more profitable and more successful. In an economically critical moment for Europe we cannot afford to waste talent, knowledge and diversity, if that can make us stronger, more   competitive, more profitable and better.

That's why we ask you to sign this petition and share it with all men and women concerned about the future of Europe as a continent, as an economic power and as a social reference.

If we are diverse, if we have diversity of views, opinions, knowledge and experience.  We know the challenges of the future and we can meet them with a much more sensible and cost effective vision. Let us go build the Global Corporate Governance of the 21st Century together!

Thank you very much.

María-Victoria Hernández Valcárcel
Task Force Member
Global Board Ready Women

International Board Member

Global Telecom Women's Network




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