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Sea rescue is non-negotiable – Open the ports for Sea-Watch 3!

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Barely two weeks after the end of the last odyssey, the EU is once again blocking the Sea-Watch 3 on the Mediterranean. Currently on board are 47 people rescued by the crew on 19 January from distress at sea. Ever since people on board the ship have been stuck at sea awaiting instructions from the authorities, and for them to fulfil their duty and assign the ship a safe harbour.

The closure of the ports has already had fatal consequence; more and more merchant ships are breaking international law by returning refugees they rescued from distress to Libya, which is a violation of the Geneva Convention on Refugees. In some cases, they no longer fulfil their duty under maritime law to rescue shipwrecked persons at all.

In the first 21 days of this year alone, more than 200 people have already disappeared in the Mediterranean. In their desperate attempt to escape persecution, slavery and torture, they vanished, like tens of thousands before them, in what remains the deadliest border in the world.

Sea-Watch strongly opposes this politically intended dying. While governments let humans, and human rights, drown in the Mediterranean, our crew remains out there defending the fundamental principle that every life is equally valuable. Everyone deserves to be rescued. No one should have to drown.

A Europe that pretends to be based on solidarity and human rights cannot leave people to drown. More than 35 German and Italian cities – including Berlin, Naples, Palermo and Hamburg – have already signalled their willingness to receive the rescued people.

Sea rescue must never depend on EU negotiations; distribution issues must be clarified on land.

We call on the European Commission to put an end once and for all to the undignified haggling over people’s lives. We also call for an immediate allocation of a safe harbour for the 47 survivors on the Sea-Watch 3 and the establishment of a sustainable solution under which similar cases in future will be allocated a safe harbour without delay.

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