Charge Enbridge for Environmental Terrorism

Charge Enbridge for Environmental Terrorism

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Kaitlin Conklin started this petition to Environmental Protection Agency and

By definition, Environmental terrorism consists of one or more unlawful actions that harm or destroy environmental resources or deprive others of their use. More colloquially, the phrase is also used to label actions seen as the unnecessary or unjustified destruction of the environment for personal or corporate gain. 

Enbridge and EXONN have violated every person's civil rights for profit and we need to stop them. We need to hold them accountable for the terrorist acts they have committed including:

1. Breaking three treaties from the 1800's that is supposed to be upheld by the constitution. (

2. When the pipeline leaks, which it will based off of past and current evidence, 20 million people will be without water instantly. In 1991, the original Pipeline 3 ruptured and leaked 1.7 million gallons of crude-oil. ( 

3. There are multiple species of Mussels that are on the protected endangered species list that will not survive the installation and use of Pipeline 3. (The Higgins Mussel, Sheepnose Mussel, & Snuffbox Mussels) (

4. The Canada Lynx is listed as 'Critical Habit'. This pipeline will devastate their habitats and they will not survive. (

5. The pipeline is taking away a vital food source for numerous indigenous tribes, and will in turn cause a devastating food shortage that will end in death. (

6. There have been numerous employees of Enbridge charged with human trafficking, and are most likely the cause of the Missing Murdered Indigenous Women. ( &

7. Paying Minnesota law enforcement 750k to arrest peaceful water protectors who are on treaty land. The police officers are using the funds for more weapons to illegally use on citizens. ( &

8. Enbridge is claiming eminent domain in a foreign country. Enbridge is a Canadian company and has no legal right on US soil, when its harmful to the land and surrounding citizens. (

This is an issue that affects everyone, and we have allowed large corporations to gain profit through environmental terrorism for decades. When will they be held accountable? 

Please help prevent one of the worlds largest terrorist attacks before it's too late. 

Human life should always come before profit.

By signing this petition you are demanding Enbridge and EXONN be held accountable for their actions against humanity. 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!
At 10,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!