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Pit bulls are one of the most lovable breed of dogs, I trust them more than a shitzu.
They did it german sheperds, rottweilers and dobermans now to the pit bulls, when will they blame the bad owners ?

Letter to
Premier Kathleen Wynne
Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne
End the BSL of pitbulls in Ontario, im going to quote Cesar Millan.
" In the 70's they blamed the doberman, in the 80's they blamed the german shepherd, in the 90's they blamed the rottweiler, Now the blame the pit bull. When are they going to start blaming the humans ?

Now it could be any breed of dog that can and will attack a child, and or adult at anytime, it's just not right that you have selected just one breed of dog for one mistake. You never had bad dogs its always bad owners !

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