End Breed Specific Legislation - Help bring our dogs home

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Our two dogs Rocky and Beau were taken from our family home on the 11th June under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. We haven’t been able to see them since, they could be taken away for good and there is a chance they will be put down.

There have been no complaints about them being vicious or harmful in anyway. They were taken away because they look like a type known as a Pit Bull Terrier, which is a banned breed in the UK.

They are gentle, friendly and loving that’s why I’m calling for them to be brought home and for the legislation that put them there to be abolished.

There are 4 breeds banned in the UK. If you care for them they can be as loving and gentle as any other breed. That’s why in countries like Italy, they abolished breed specific legislation and instead, owners are responsible for making sure their dogs pose no threat to others.

Please help us by signing this petition not only to get our Rocky and Beau home safely but to save the lives of many others that cruelly fall under this legislation. When our dogs were taken, we did not know where they had been taken, how they were being looked after and have no point of contact for them. This is the most excruciating waiting game and we are extremely concerned for their welfare.

It is not the breed that make a dog dangerous it is the way they are brought up. We love our dogs like they are humans and they love us back equally.

Please sign and help. 


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