Nova Scotians Who Work Outside the Atlantic Bubble Demand Testing *NOW*

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PEI, NFLD, and New Brunswick offer testing to asymptomatic people who work regularly outside the Atlantic bubble as a means to shorten the 14-day self-isolation requirements. Yet, Nova Scotia won’t budge on testing asymptomatic tax paying residents of the province who frequently leave the Atlantic bubble for work. A worker from PEI can be tested and cleared of isolating within 7 days. A worker from NFLD gets tested on the 5th day home. If that test is negative, they are also free of self-isolation. But Nova Scotians who work outside the Atlantic bubble are not permitted access to testing. Nova Scotian workers must fulfill a full (modified) 14 days of isolation (unless they have an exemption). So, what kind of bubble is this, exactly?!?

Beyond inconsistencies within that Atlantic bubble there are tangible reasons why Nova Scotian workers deserve to be tested. The general public in NS treat workers and their families like outcasts. Overwhelmingly, the sentiment is to burn these selfish people who travel outside the bubble at the stake, and to be fearful of their families. This fear even trickles down to our children who are not welcome in extracurricular activities, who are treated differently at school, and treated poorly by other parents. Implementing a sensible testing strategy like every other province in the Atlantic bubble might quell the public's fear. Testing should also be available to essential workers who are exempt from the self-isolation requirements should they want to be tested. Testing would provide much needed peace of mind for all of these workers, their families, and hopefully the general public.  

We’re tired. It’s been a long 8 months. Thank-you for relaxing the self-isolation requirements for Nova Scotians who work away but it’s time we catch up to the rest of the Atlantic bubble. TEST US! NOW!


The 40, 000 (plus) people who live in NS and work away (and the people who love and support these brave souls who keep working, who keep driving, who keep flying, who keep the economy moving, despite a global pandemic).