Consistency within the Atlantic Bubble for Rotational Workers

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The self-isolation requirements for rotational workers are inconsistent within the Atlantic bubble. New Brunswick does not require rotational workers to self-isolate; Prince Edward Island tests rotational workers; and Newfoundland recently relaxed the self-isolation requirements for rotational workers. Yet, Nova Scotia refuses to make any allowances for residents who work away and pay taxes in Nova Scotia. Self-isolating frequently is taking a toll on rotational workers and their families. Frequent self-isolation has damaging effects on the worker's mental health and the mental health of their families. We are demanding consistency within the Atlantic bubble. We are demanding point of entry testing or blanket exemptions for rotational workers. We choose to make Nova Scotia our home. We choose to raise our families in this province. We choose to pay taxes in this province. We are incredibly important to Nova Scotia economy, yet we have been forgotten. We demand change.