Stop the Ford Government's Education Cuts

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The Ford government has begun to implement a 25 million dollar budget cut in the education system targeting students in Ontario. This slash in funding will undoubtedly make this the biggest reform in the education system in a long time. Some of the changes that are to be made include the following:

• Cutting OSAP for university students

• Getting rid of specialty programs for at-risk students or those with autism and other disabilities

• Increasing the maximum capacity for classrooms (from 22 to over 30 students)

• 4 compulsory online courses must be taken

• Banning cell phones in the classroom

So why does this matter?

The Ford government’s drastic plan affects students and teachers in every way. Students will face more challenges when learning, especially with the increase of class sizes. Similarly, teachers will struggle to meet the needs of every student. That is besides the fact that some 10,000 teaching positions in the province will disappear.

These transformations will only push us back and the repercussions are not being considered. We must unite against leaders that are jeopardizing our province’s development. Why should these individuals dictate the success of so many Ontarians?

These attempts to ‘modernize’ the education system is doing the exact opposite.

The government is failing us students, and ultimately, our futures.