STOP Moratoriums on Evictions in Ontario, instead, Help Small Landlords, Help Good Tenants

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This petition is being presented to Premier Doug Ford and members within our Ontario Government, regarding the negative impact a moratorium on evictions will have on small landlords, and to request that the Ontario Government work together with Ontario Landlords Watch (OLW) Steering Committee, on effective solutions to help good Landlords, help good Tenants; more efficient delivery system of rent directly to landlords; create a recovery plan to address the rental crisis; and amend contradicting policies and processes within the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) and Landlord Tenant Board (LTB), to reduce the barriers in the rental industry.

On December 8, 2020, Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s government allowed the adoption of a non-binding Opposition motion asking that a moratorium on evictions be reinstated. NDP MPP Suze Morrison put forward the private member’s motion calling for an immediate ban on residential evictions that would hold until the province enters a “post-pandemic recovery period” and is now calling on Ford to issue an emergency order to shut down the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB), once again, amid a second wave of covid-19 cases.

Moratorium on evictions are short term solutions that only push forward the need to pay rent. They will not only hurt Ontario's small Landlords, but signal lenders and future rental providers that rental units are risky business, reducing even further the number of available and affordable rentals. Small landlords need to be recognized as a business and should not be used as collateral damage because of government’s long standing mismanagement of the housing market. It is INCOME that is needed and which would address a tenants inability to pay rent. 

Our Provincial leaders are sacrificing rentals with their long history of failing policies and processes. The RTA clearly states, that a tenant can not withhold lawful rent, as per rental agreement, and yet a high percentage of cases to be heard at the LTB are for non-payment of rent. Portable housing benefits and programs are available to help tenants, but long wait lists and LTB hearings, delay resolutions.

Ontario Landlords Watch, for over 10 years, has been advocating for a fair and balanced housing system that will work more efficiently for good landlords, good tenants and tax payers.

Sign this petition to stop moratoriums on evictions and to notify our elected officials that the Residential Tenancy ACT and Landlord and Tenant Board need changes that result in solutions to put an end to the rental crisis.

Justice delayed is justice denied.