Petition against Hybrid Learning for Simcoe Muskoka Catholic School Board

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Our families have been informed that as of November 23rd 2020, the Simcoe Muskoka District Catholic School Board will be transitioning to a Hybrid Learning model for all students. 

This is a Petition AGAINST Hybrid Learning.

This means that our current classroom teachers will now also be teaching the remote learners assigned to their classrooms, as well as the children already doing in class learning. 

This learning model presents a number of problems, both for in-class learners, and remote learning.  

Problems including privacy issues, teacher burn out, and in a class that has already been difficult to find enough teaching minutes because of new physical distancing schedules, in-class learners will now have to compete with their teachers teaching online as well. 

Not to mention the reshuffle of current in-class learning and breaking of their current cohorts, put in place for our children's health and safety. 

We have all adapted to our new learning models, whatever that may be. Remote learners are excelling, learning in class is finally going somewhat smoothly, and our children have adapted to the "new normal". 

We as parents have been supportive through all of this, we have remained patient, even when our board and our government let us down. Our teachers have remained more positive than ever despite many many challenges, and our kids have inspired us with their resilience.  

But this is too much. 

We must fight this Hybrid model that has already proven to fail in other school boards. 

There has to be somewhere else to cut, we cannot survive on this model, and we cannot sacrifice our children and their teachers in order to "try it out" when we already see the effect in other areas of our province. 

Please sign this petition to stop the hybrid learning model.