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In these trying times of Covid-19, students are still expected to pay incidental fees that cover the costs of campus activities and in person initiatives. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, classes are online and in person campus activity prohibited. Despite this, students are expected to pay unfair incidental fees even though they are  not  able to access facilities. For instance, high charges such as $123.00 for the on campus athletic gym, and even $0.05 for “free swag” demonstrate that charging students unfairly constitutes a joke. Following this, tuition prices have remained the same at a flat fee. We argue that tuition prices should be lowered because class quality is not the same despite professors best efforts to make it so. The economy is crashing, students are void of summer jobs that they would usually have, and many students don’t have enough money to even sustain their living, let alone pay for mandatory courses. so, UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, the students are calling out for you to FIX YOUR POLICY! THIS IS A DIRE SITUATION WHICH IN TURN, REQUIRES THE ADJUSTMENT OF FORMER POLICES. MAKE YOUR STUDENTS FEEL HEARD! GET RID OF incidental fees AND DECREASE TUITION PRICES during the pandemic !