Early childhood educators NEED priority access to vaccines

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As an ECE working in a childcare centre, I recognize the importance of the COVID-19 vaccination effort. I am writing to beg you to please consider making all early childhood educators, assistants and management a priority for receiving vaccinations. Given that all child cares have been mandated to remain open during these unprecedented times, I firmly believe that we must be considered a priority group for early and immediate access to the vaccine. Most early childhood education workers are female and have families to take care of our own. We have been put in the stressful position oh having to care for others during a time when we should be caring for our families and their safety as well. Because we are not a childcare centre designated by the city as one that is open for essential workers and their families, we seem to fall nowhere. We are not on the list to be vaccinated with other early childhood educators in emergency childcare centres. Often neglected as a profession, we seem to have fallen through the cracks again. We have not heard from our union, the College of ECE and/or the Ministry of education about any efforts to try to rectify this unfortunate, unsafe and unethical situation. The amount of exposure to other people during a day is tremendous and we must be recognized as an essential service requiring immediate vaccination. As early childhood educators working daily during a lockdown, we are uniquely positioned and are asking for additional details from the College, the Ministry and our Government as to how we can work collaboratively to accomplish this.  
Thank you in advance for your cooperation,

Lesley Gordon, RECE