Anti- Racial History Course from Kindergarten-Grade 12

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As a young black female I am hoping that we can start to change racial profiling from continuing, by teaching kids at a young age as they grow into young teens to adolescents by allowing children to learn in a Mandatory Anti- Racial History Course from Kindergarten-Grade 12. So they can learn about diversity and equality, If children are taught about all the different cultures around the world they can begin to understand and respect everyone from every race. After experiencing racism in both catholic and public schools I don’t want any other coloured individuals to feel like they cannot be themselves at school when they are there to learn. Let’s make a change for the future and give children, young teens and adolescents A chance to learn about diversity so we can begin to have a safer world for all people of colour. Our world has suffered enough with racial profiling, parents who have children of colour should not fear that their child will be discriminated based on their skin colour, like my mom has experienced while raising mixed coloured children. Our young generations need to be taught about diversity so we can aim to end racial profiling completely. People of colour matter just as much as anyone else and they deserve to feel like they finally matter. People of colour deserve to feel equal.