Reasonably Regulated Federal Gun Control: Focused on lowering gun violence through science

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The intent of this petition is not to take guns away from law-abiding citizens. Rather, our purpose is to follow the Second Amendment’s words of "well regulated".   Our approach is to take a route that has been prevalent in our country since the beginning.  That route details that whenever we get a new technology, like cars, television, radio, phones, Internet etc., we begin to regulate it through legal means to ensure public safety.  This has not been the case with guns and we are seeking to change that through reasoned, constitutionally sound gun control.  Therefore,

1)  We want comprehensive Federal regulations for gun control

2)  We want gun owners to register their guns through the REAL ID program that will become mandatory in all 50 states by 2020. (or US passport)

3)  We want gun owners to insure each gun and each magazine (i.e., to get mandatory gun and magazine insurance)

4)  We want the money from yearly registration fees and insurance payments to be used to help people and families victimized by gun violence, as well as to help fund mental health in the form of more providers and facilities that specialize in pediatrics and young adults.

5)  We want the age limit for gun and ammo purchases to be raised to 21 years of age. (Science based age of maturity)

6)  We want to make sure that only legal gun owners can purchase ammo for only the type of gun that is registered to them using their REAL ID (or Passport) (scan code on REAL ID, just like we do with alcohol, tobacco and certain over the counter medications)

7)  We want stricter background checks and longer wait times (mental health assessment with your PCP)

8)  We want the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to have a larger budget to study gun violence, causes and mental health issues (We hope that by creating a national data base of registered and insured gun owners, the CDC will have a verified population of gun owners that would be willing to participate in research studies, published as data becomes available)



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