Save The 1.4 Million Children in Idlib - Stop the Airstrikes, Stop Bombing Schools

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For 9 long years now the Children of Syria have been the target of Airstrikes from Bashar Al Assad and Russia. These attacks follow no rules of war and target Schools, marketplaces and Hospitals Daily. The World leaders need to stop the attack on the 1.4million children trapped in Idlib. Most of these children have already experienced 9 years of war and displacement. They have suffered enough. It is time for the World Leaders, The UN and the International community to condemn these attacks on innocent children and babies and put a stop to the murder of innocent children. We must save humanity and save the children of Idlib. #SaveIdlib #SOSIDLIB #EyesOnIdlib #Rise4Idlib #ProtectIdlibsKids #StopBombingIdlib #NotATarget