Request for Compensation to the citizens of the World from Chinese Goverment - COVID 19

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RE: Request for Compensation from the Chinese Communist Government for damages caused by the “Chinese Virus” (COVID-19).

In the second week of December 2019 in Wuhan China, the Chinese ophthalmological doctor Li Wenliang alerted the Chinese Communist Government and the world through social networks about the risks to public health that what he called “unknown virus” would generate.

All of Wenliang's warnings were ignored by the Chinese Communist Government's health authorities. The only pronouncement was made by the police department in Wuhan City, accusing the doctor of spreading rumors.

Weeks later than this warning, those infected in Wuhan City increased and the virus was identified as a new type of SARS, identified by the World Health Organization as COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2, a virus that is currently it has the world in check. Today, turned into a global pandemic, it has claimed the lives of more than 13 thousand people and the diagnosed infections exceed 300 thousand.

Various conspiracy theories have gone viral in the networks, from epidemiological relapses due to lack of sanitary controls, in contagions for eating bats and other wild species in the Wuhan market, to leaks in high-risk pathogen trials, induced in BSL-4 laboratories within from Wuhan City, but the truth is that the Chinese Communist Government has so far not given a scientific explanation to the world.

The Chinese Communist Government has also not assumed its pandemic responsibility to the world for damage to physical, emotional and economic health.
By contrast, this pandemic has turned China into a business that has tripled its sales and exports of epidemiological equipment, costs that many governments in the world cannot afford.

The ravages of this pandemic for the Americas and Europe are just beginning, however, we see a China celebrate in advance, counting its days without infection in its territory, while the rest of the world collapses.

This Pandemic, which we consider artificial, has violated the elementary rights of the human race in the world. The quality of life of the affected population in the coming days will be uncertain.

Schools, Universities, Sports Centers, Tourism, all recreational, artistic and work activities are in quarantine. The economy of citizens and the world are literally in intensive care.

We request that the Chinese Communist Government respond to the citizens of the world and countries of the Americas for all loss of human life, especially in vulnerable people, such as the elderly.

China must explain and assume its recurring responsibility for this new pandemic and the damage caused to global public health.

We will request to apply all the existing options in legislation on this matter, including the safety protocols of BSL-4 laboratories and even in legislation such as those established in article 3 of the universal declaration of human rights. The right to life, liberty, and security of the human person.

Likewise, we will verify whether Art 12 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in force since 1976 has been violated, with actions that forcefully place the entire humanity in a condition where international peace and security are threatened in addition to the individual and fundamental integrity of the human being, causing fear and misery.

Art 12
"1- The States Parties to the present covenant recognize the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health ...

C) The prevention and treatment of epidemic, endemic, professional and other diseases, and the fight against them.

The actions of the Chinese government are contrary to this pact and especially to art 12 numeral C, promoting disease and death and weakening the world economy causing havoc on the human family when it is recognized in this same pact that:

"Recognizing that in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights the ideal of the free human being, freed from fear and misery, cannot be realized unless conditions are created that allow each person to enjoy their economic, social and cultural rights, as well as their civil and political rights ”...

The European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms:

"Title1 Rights and Freedoms

Art 2- Right to Life
1 Everyone's right to life is protected by law. No one may be intentionally deprived of his life... "

How an unprecedented pandemic event is justified, which has uncontrollably promoted damage to health to the detriment of humanity and the future of our society.

You cannot ignore the thousands of deaths that this pandemic continues to take, taking the lives of human beings who are not a number. Some were parents, children, friends and surely some of them were the livelihood of many families.

After this pandemic, the world will not be the same.