Facebook: Don’t stop the music!

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My name is Onirika and I am an Italian based DJ and producer.

In these days, we must all do our civic duty and comply with government regulations to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The entertainment industry is one of the professional categories strongly affected by the crisis. Musicians, entertainers and DJs are quarantined in their homes, and the only way they can express themselves creatively and engage the public is through livestreaming on popular social media platforms, including Facebook.

Unfortunately, these livestreams are frequently interrupted, blocked or silenced due to copyright violations related to the songs performed during live music sessions.

Warner Music, Sony Music and Universal Music do not allow streaming of the songs that belong to them, considering it copyright infringement.

Copyright violations are flagged regardless of whether the music may have been purchased regularly or whether the copyright fee has already been paid -- such as the Italian SIAE stamp on the vinyl records. Or whether professionals have paid DJ licenses for using digital media or web playback.

Not to mention that livestreaming through social media does nothing but increase the visibility of the music being played, indirectly becoming a promotional tool for the major labels mentioned above.

In a challenging time like this, every moment that affords some joy and psychological relief to all those involved in this worrying situation should be encouraged at the highest levels -- with restrictions being limited to safety and prevention concerns.

This petition asks Facebook the temporary suspension of blockers to livestreaming, in order to allow everyone to express themselves freely and create moments of fun and unity at a distance, with people enjoying music in their own home.

Thank you.