Don't Cry Wolf Law: Protect DV/SA abuse survivors & prosecute false abuse allegations

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Please note: #dontcrywolf was launched in May of 2018 and is not a political organization and does not hold a political stance or party affiliation. The campaign is not a men’s rights or anti-women’s movement effort. The campaign is not here to silence victims of abuse. What the campaign is about is protecting the voices of domestic violence and sexual assault survivors through its efforts to stop false abuse allegations. A major focus is about bringing awareness to the issue and promoting process and legislative changes with the goals of stopping false abuse allegations and holding blatant false accusers accountable, as well as providing better protections for real survivors of abuse and encourage them to come forward safely.

The Problem:  
Today we are seeing more and more false allegations of domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual abuse, and child abuse made to law enforcement, family courts, and social media.  The impact of the allegations can be disastrous. From high legal defense fees, to loss of career, to loss of standing in the community, to loss of child custody, to harassment on social media and being victimized by social justice because of today's social climate, to loss of freedom and civil liberties: the price victims of false abuse allegations pay is high. Yet, today, the accuser rarely faces any legal accountability for their actions. As demonstrated in recent cases, District Attorney Offices many times refuse to press charges for fear it would deter real victims from coming forward, essentially accepting the falsely accused as acceptable collateral damage. Would be false accusers have the freedom in most instances to abuse the protection from abuse programs and false reporting laws in place with no repercussions. In fact, while there are laws specific to domestic violence and sexual assaults to highlight the seriousness of those offenses, there are no specific laws for knowingly making false allegations of DV or SA, to highlight the seriousness of those offenses. Allowing false allegations gives these wrongdoers incentive to stand on the backs of real victims of abuse and make a false allegation with no risk. Finally, the false reporting laws of today make it too easy for a real victim of abuse to be charge with false reporting. Domestic violence victims and survivors of sexual abuse who come forward must have protections in place to assure them they will not be charged unless there is clear and convincing evidence that their allegations are false.

Impact: More concerning, every false allegation drowns out the voices and stories of real survivors of abuse and creates public skepticism when a real victim comes forward with their truths. While there is no debate there are more instances of sexual assaults and domestic violence than false allegations, the fact is ,they are happening and a single one that is allowed discredits the many real survivor stories. One bad apple spoils the bunch. 

Objective: The Don't Cry Wolf Law's objective is to help weed out and prosecute evidence proven false allegations of abuse and stop lives from being ruined by false allegations and help real victims of abuse have their stories told and believed with no skepticism or fear.   


The solution is two fold:

  1. In order to convey the seriousness of the offenses, states should consider adopting the proposed Don't Cry Wolf Law (click to learn more) as part of their criminal statutes, separate from the inconsequential false reporting laws these offenses now fall under, to hold false accusers accountable at a more severe level and to be able to better track these types of offenses in the future. The goals of the law are to provide a clear path of justice and protections for those that have been falsely accused and for those that are real victims of DV/SA, as well as make a real effort to thwart would be false accusers from misusing the system and the current social climate for their own gains.
  2. District Attorney offices must abandon their stance that prosecuting malicious, false accusers will deter real victims from coming forward. The illogical practice disregards the victims of false allegations and their right to justice, while at the same time negatively impacting real victims of abuse. They are essentially saying "We won't give you justice because it MAY affect someone else from getting theirs."  Real abuse victims are affected long term as allowing false allegations to continue without penalty creates more public skepticism when a real victim comes forward for their justice. One bad apple spoils the bunch. Passing the Don't Cry Wolf Law would would show DA offices that States are serious about stopping these offenses.

What are the Goals of the Don't Cry Wolf Law?

  1. Deter would be false accusers from making False Abuse Allegations
  2. Enforce the law and Prosecute criminals who make false abuse allegations without concern that doing so would deter real victims from coming forward in the future for fear they could be falsely prosecuted for making a false report
  3. Create a separate statute outside of the general false reporting laws today, as was done for domestic violense and sexaual assault from general assault statutes, to better track the offenses and more importantly, to convey the seriousness of the crimes (Falsely reporting a rape should not carry the same penalty as falsely reporting that a person stole your jacket)
  4. Put protections in place for real victims of abuse when they come forward looking for their justice so that they will not be afraid that they could be charged with falsely reporting a crime
  5. Help end public skepticism and support when a true victim of abuse comes forward with their truths and provide an unobstructed path for those victims to obtain justice and have their voices heard

How you can help: 

  1. This petition is addressed to the governors in all 50 US States. Sign this petition to let them know the amount of false allegations of abuse and the handling of these allegations by law enforcement and the judicial system is a major issue today and needs to be addressed.
  2. Share the petition with your friends and spread the word.  The more support this receives the more attention this problem will get.
  3. Follow the #dontcrywolf Campaign on twitter at or on Facebook at to stay up to date on the campaign.
  4. Learn about the proposed Don't Cry Wolf Law and share the information within your social networks.  Information on the proposed law is available at This site will outline the law, its need and answer the following questions:
  • What is the proposed Don't Cry Wolf Law?
  • When a person knowingly wrongfully accuses someone of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse or Child Abuse, aren't they already prosecuted or held accountable today?
  • But won't prosecuting those that make these false allegations deter real victims from coming forward for fear they will be falsely prosecuted or not believed?
  • If a crime is committed, such as a false report, don't District Attorney offices have to prosecute? Isn't that their job?
  • How can we change this unwritten policy followed by DA offices?
  • Can't those that have been falsely accused of DV/SA abuse/assault take their accuser to civil court and sue them?
  • Won't social movements like #metoo consider this to be an anti-women or anti-victim law?
  • What is the current language used for the proposed Don't Cry Wolf Law?