Eliminate the DHS Homeland Advanced Recognition Technology System

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The Department of Homeland Security recently announced the new Homeland Advanced Recognition Technology program. Beyond just fingerprints, the HART program calls for the collection of the following biometrics and data pieces:

1.     Facial images
2.     Latent fingerprints
3.     Iris images
4.     Palm prints
5.     Voice
6.     Scars, marks, tattoos
7.     DNA or DNA profile
8.     Relationship patterns and officer encounters which can be used to identify political affiliations, religious activities, and familial/friendly relationships.
While the right to privacy isn’t explicitly outlined in The Constitution, it is alluded to in the first, third, fourth, fifth, and ninth amendments. I believe that the HART program (along with the NSA’s Prism surveillance programs) is a violation of our basic rights to privacy and a large leap down a very slippery slope. And I believe it is unwise to bank on the government responsibly gathering, storing, and using all of this extraordinarily sensitive information in the name of public security. Our country was founded on principles of freedom from government and the liberty to think, speak, and act without scrutiny from government authorities. This program violates these fundamental human rights. I’m totally taking this quote out of context, but Benjamin Franklin’s words are perfect: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
Since our system of checks and balances is clearly failing us, it is necessary to take matters into our own hands as United States citizens. Please, please, please sign this petition. It isn’t much, but at least it’s a move in the right direction. Hopefully this will pick up traction and our protest can move beyond a simple petition.
Announcement of HART from the Office of the Federal Register: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2018/04/24/2018-08453/privacy-act-of-1974-system-of-records
Awesome discussion from Electronic Frontier Foundation:
ACLU article on Rekognition program:
The actual context of Ben Franklin quote :) :

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