Compulsory neutering and microchipping for UK outdoor cats

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Stray and feral cats are at epidemic proportions in the United Kingdom, which causes huge welfare issues as the cats are exposed to overbreeding, a lack of food and shelter, vulnerability to disease and persecution. 

Overpopulation amongst cats can be controlled with the compulsory neutering and microchipping of all cats that are allowed outdoors.  This was done in Bremen in Germany and prevented a hiuge amount of suffering by controlling the stray cat population.

Responsible owners already neuter and chip their pets, this law would help to bring into line those who view cats as disposable and also means cats are on a par with dogs, who are already required to be chipped by law. Doing so will mean that more cats can benefit through finding homes and receiving help through rescues; currently there are more cats than there are homes and that rescues can help.

With the current issue of many owners not neutering or microchipping their pets because they don't have to, this problem is only likely to get worse, putting huge pressure on already over burdened rescue agencies.

It's about time we stood up and recognised that these animals deserve better than to be kept until they aren't a cute kitten any more and then turned out onto the street to fend for themselves, they are a lifetime commitment that deserve protection from suffering through the law. 

Thankyou for reading and caring.