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Bring Shame to Companies Testing on Animals

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Any cosmetics giant that sells their goods in China must by law submit them to be animal-tested in Chinese laboratories, where welfare laws are notoriously slack. This means that A LOT of companies who sell their products in the EU, who claim they are 'cruelty free', are not! Brands such as Bobbi Brown, Max Factor, L'Oreal, Avon, Olay and Benefit to name but a few, all sell their products in China which means they must first submit their finished products to be tested on animals in Chinese laboratories before they can go on sale. This doesn't have to be the case. These companies do not have to sell their products in China. Urban Decay is one of the many companies who refuse to take their business to China until they change their laws. The Body Shop is another big brand who would love to sell their products in China, but don't! Simply because they refuse to allow their products to be tested on animals. What I am proposing, is that ALL companies have to, by law, advertise on their stalls, in their shops and on their websites whether or not they truly are cruelty free! This includes whether they submit their products to be tested on animals before they can go on sale in some countries!! Imagine walking through Debenhams, and you want to make sure you're getting the best humane products on the market, you'll know exactly where you can go because of these signs. I'm hoping that if we can get enough signatures, this will help people to boycott those companies who do not deserve our money, and therefore push those companies to stop testing on animals, and to stop selling their products in countries that require by law their products to be tested on animals before sale! This should start a chain reaction because if it goes how we all want it, China and other countries will have no make-up companies left and will be forced to change their laws! It's a long shot, but if we can get more and more people, companies, and countries on board, we're one step closer to stopping animal testing forever!

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