Demanding the abolishment to the aggressive genocide on the women of South Africa

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Do you know what it means to be a man in South Africa in 2020?

It means that today, as a man, I could rape a woman and know that her account of the assault won't be taken seriously or viewed to be credible. 

If I made sexual advances to a woman, and she denied me, I could rape her and beat her to death with full confidence that my victims death would receive minimal to absolutely zero media coverage.

I could be in a serious relationship with a pregnant woman and wake up the next day and decide to lynch this woman and her unborn child because a pregnant woman is just that worthless. 

If I wanted to, as a man in South Africa, I could rape and humiliate a woman and if she becomes too much of a problem, I could simply kill her and cut her body into pieces because a woman's body is nothing but a mans murder scene.

Being a man in South Africa means that I could have inappropriate sexual misconduct with a woman, making her feel uncomfortable, but rationalise this behavior as a joke because females are breathing objects whom's mental healths are not valuable. This behaviour in SA is acceptable. Because woman living with trauma, to the men in South Africa is an absolute joke.

But what's even more bizarre about being a man in South Africa is that I could commit sex crimes on a woman knowing that the government will only take my victim seriously once she becomes a social media hashtag.

Much like how in 1971, Richard Nixon, the 38th president of the United States, declared "the war on drugs". In 2020, Cyril Ramaphosa, the president of South Africa should declare "the war on misogyny". The war against men abusing and killing the woman of South Africa.

In 2020, women should have a government that protects them from predatory and violent men in with no sense of self control.

In 2020, the energy needs to be redirected in combating a problem that is killing our women in South Africa worse than any deadly virus could. In 2020, a South African woman is more likely to be raped than to be employed. Women face a deadly threat that they deserve to be protected from. 

Please sign and share this. Woman are the bearer's of our future. Without woman, the human race will cease to exist. Woman deserver better!