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Conrad's Law

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Make murder during the commission of child abuse A FEDERAL FELONY, to carry a sentence of LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE = NO DEALS, NO LENIENCY!! Conrad Ayala was born in Billings, Montana June 21, 2009...his life was short, his voice now crying for JUSTICE, his memory leading advocates worldwide to act on his behalf!!
Minot ND - A sweet angel died in a hospital bed on February 14, 2011 after suffering brutal abuse. He was 19 months old...Literally held hostage in his own home, his body was brutally beaten into a coma. A broken jaw, cuts, bruises covering his precious body...his brain swollen from the beatings, no chance for recovery, his "mother" had him taken off life support. The "parent" and her "boyfriend" plead guilty Oct 21, 2011 to murder but with plea agreements in place, they will serve 18.5 years (Cassondra Ayala) and 23 years (Anthony Robinson). (sentences handed down officially 1/11/2012) THIS is NOT justice....CONRAD will NOT be able to start over in 18.5 or 23 years, in fact, he didn't get a second chance, he didn't get a lenient sentence. He got death. Story after story, county after county, state after state, we see the same result. Our children DO NOT have the worth of an adult's life, sometimes not the worth of an abused animal. MAKE the STAND for the CHILDREN...this is the richest and most powerful country yet our child abuse rates soar?? Change the snapshot before it's too late...make a that says "WE, the PEOPLE, WILL not allow the senseless slaughter of our YOUNG any LONGER" Pass Conrad's Law...make the future not SO bright for child killers in this nation. Thank you!!

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