Separate laws for food allergies in Schools

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Rachel Rogers started this petition to Representative for ninth dis Doug Collin and


 The  Petition is especially important to my family as well as other families that have children with life threatening food allergies. We just want our Children to have the same opportunity as other children have  that do not have food allergies, and to receive a proper safe education while learning in a public school. By signing and sharing this petition will make the chances higher for Congress  to pass a bill for students with  food allergies to have a safe learning environment in a public School, by federal laws for schools to follow regarding the bill. A law that requires regulations and guidelines   For  School employees to follow to help keep a child safe while getting a proper education. Please sign if you share the same values as my family.

  • Start out by coming Up with a individual plan for the student to have and the School districts to follow on the plan are safety guidelines for individual students involving food allergy accommodations and Regulations that are required Of the School.
  • A student with a food allergy  should have all avoidance of the known allergen, because the student can go into Anaphylactic shock and become fatal if the student comes in contact with the allergen that they are allergic to. A student should not have to be in a classroom and be threatened by a food being present that could potentially be fatal to them.   By passing a food allergy bill for federal to sign and to oversee that food allergy laws and regulations are mandatory for the school districts to follow by law. This will allow a safer learning environment for the student.
  • This bill  needs to be separate from a 504 or IEP plan, because these are protected under OCR, and ADA to handle for disabilities based on discrimination rights. are protected under  504, IEP, and ADA are pre-existing laws that are for individuals with mental or physical disabilities.
  • Individuals with food allergies need to  have a federal law to be implemented for the safety of the students too, different guidelines, and rules are to be required on what that individual needs to maintain a safe environment as well. There needs to be a separate food allergy Law put in to place so that School Districts  are abiding by these laws pertaining to the safety for the students with food allergies. Students with a food allergies so severe that require a Epipen for Anaphylaxis.
  •  By having such a law made this will allow students to be in a Safer learning environment ,save many lives,  and it will force School Districts, School administratiors, and School educators to take a students food allergy serious. Public School Districts, and Individual employees to be held accountable if they fail to implement a plan to follow for individuals with food allergies.
  • The format of the plan can be a individual Food Allergy plan for students in the school.  This will protect a child at School from a food that is life threatening.
  • A law set in place for health, and safety code by reinforcing. The recommendations intend to support and help improve existing food allergy management policies in schools and early childhood programs by making a federal and state enforcement requires mandatory laws for students, and to seek to protect the physical health of students by providing practical information and strategies for schools while federal laws and regulations are being met.
  • The guidelines are intended to support by implementing requirements for management policies in schools and early childhood programs, and guide improvements to existing practices. Implementing these guidelines may help schools reduce allergic reactions, improve response to life-threatening reactions, and ensure current policies are in line with laws that protect children with serious health issues due to food allergies.
  • Actions for School District administrators can provide direct assistance to schools to help them meet the needs of students with food allergies, especially when the school does not have key staff, such as a doctor or a full-time registered nurse.
  • Managing Food Allergies in Schools, A resource created to help schools implement the recommended policies, practices and procedures that found in the voluntary guidelines now, but need to be mandatory instead.
  • The recommendations for School districts will include tip sheets,training presentations, and podcasts for school superintendents, administrators, teachers and paraeducators, school nutrition professionals, school transportation staff and school mental health professionals.                                                                                                            
  • . We want this individual food allergy Law to pass for students and their families, of course the most important reason why this impacts my family is my child has a life threatening allergy to peanuts. Every child not only deserves to have a safe environment to learn in, but it is supposed to be their right underneath the constitutional laws, but underneath the constitution rights is only about equal opportunities for all. There is no law that requires having the right to be protected in the School for food allergies. The only plan is for civil rights based only on non-discrimination regulations are to be followed as a 504 Amendment that already exist for race, disability, religion, and so fourth. Even that Doesn’t hold on for the safety of individuals with disabilities to be safe in the school settings either. There is no law to protect students with  food allergies that are for protection based solely on the safety. so we need a bill passed for the safety of individuals living with food allergies so that students can have that opportunity to get a education while being in a safe learning environment.


Where we live is considered a rural area so our population is small in the community. Food allergies are not known so much here as known in the cities. My child was the first and only student with a food allergy that required a Epipen in his School. 500 students and he was the only student with a food allergy,  So I educated every one in the school that came in contact with my child at school. I had to file a complaint with The Office Of Civil Rights for Education also known as OCR.

My complaint was  because the school was not following my child’s 504 plan which included his personal Accommodations for his food allergy. I certainly got a lot of retaliation from the School for filling a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights Of Education.That went on for the next couple of years. Finally it just got so bad that I had to withdrawal my child from that School. People in the cities don’t have this kind of problem, because based on the prevalence for food allergies. Although In small towns like mine they do not. Where I live is not strict on food allergy awareness for protection of a Life. They just don’t take it seriously. They just don’t understand no matter how much you educate them on food Allergies, in my opinion they just don’t care to understand. So by making a Mandatory Food Allergy Law, that is only about Food Allergies in Individuals that the students can have a safe opportunity to learn in school,  and School employees would have to follow  the safety and guideline plans. What I have learned through out these years is that if there is no accountability in the School system than there is  no one that is responsible  for that student to implement any safety guidelines that are pertaining to students with food allergies.

Thank you From a mother to all families around the world

thanks to all who have signed,

Rachel Rogers 


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0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!