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Coast Guard: Rape Survivors Should Not be Locked Up in Janitor Closets

We are requesting Chief Gregg Marsili to be investigated for locking a rape survivor in the janitor closet.

See the photo above? That is a picture of a janitor closet. That is where you store your brooms and not where you lock up a rape survivor in for reporting a brutal rape. However that is exactly what one Chief in the United States Coast Guard did.

According to witnesses the alleged victim was bruised up and "bleeding from the head" when Chief Gregg Marsili decided that it'll be best to lock up the rape survivor in the closet instead of sending her to the hospital for medical attention and a rape kit.

The Chief that did this to her is still serving in a leadership position in the Coast Guard and has never been reprimanded, not even with a negative page 7 (official letter of counseling). We are requesting Chief Gregg Marsili to be investigated for locking a rape survivor in the janitor closet.

Rape is a serious crime that affects as many as one in three women in the Coast Guard. According to the Military Rape Crisis Center, states that 92% of that who report rape in the Coast Guard are involuntarily discharged from service.  The same study shows that less than 10% of all rape allegations end up in "some sort of judicial punishment". According to the study reports of early retirement (with full benefits) or be restricted on base for several weeks are often given to convicted perpetrator in lieu of prison. These punishments also does not require the convicted perpetrator to be required to register as a sex offender. The problem of sexual assault is not going to go away as long as you allow rapists to go into the community or back into the ranks to recommit these violent hate crimes.



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