Stop Police Brutality in Uganda.

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Uganda is set for general elections early next year. After 35 years of ruling, the incumbent President Museveni is contesting for a 5th term in office. President Museveni took power in 1986 in a military coup. Since then Uganda has been under military rule and besides everything else wrong going on in Uganda, the government has been using the police and army to arrest, kidnap, torture and kill its citizen especially those with opposing views to the President. In the coming elections, the level of violence has increased immensely, Ugandans demand the brutality to end and allow a free and fair general election.

The world will never respect Africa. Our brothers and sisters are being killed all because they want their basic human rights. The government cannot get away with this.

All of this because people want change?? It’s not fair but we are not powerless. We have the power to change this! Every little helps! So even if its just sharing the hashtag or spreading awareness, use your power to help someone who needs you. Please don’t be silent, all this pain and suffering our people are experiencing should not be for nothing.